11 janvier 2020

New Model for Community Colleges

HomeBy Madeline St. Amour. Arrupe College, a two-year institution attached to Loyola Chicago, surpasses its public counterparts in typical benchmarks of student success. Now, the Jesuits plan to spread the model elsewhere. More...

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Surprise Gift for Washington State Community Colleges

HomeBy Madeline St. Amour. The community colleges in Washington State received one of their largest gifts to date from a woman who saw the importance of education, despite not attending college herself. More...

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Community College for Erie?

HomeBy Madeline St. Amour. After years of debate, Pennsylvania county may finally get a community college. But some obstacles stand in the way. More...

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Bachelor's Degrees at Community Colleges

HomeBy Madeline St. Amour. More community colleges are offering bachelor's degrees, according to Community College Research Initiatives at the University of Washington in Seattle. But how they're being implemented varies across the country. More...

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Community Building in the Community College Classroom

HomeIt aids in the retention of students and in their overall college experience, but it is difficult and requires some creative thinking, writes Sean Gerrity. More...

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20 décembre 2019

VET partnership focus as Dutch PM visits Indonesia

By Will Nott. The prime minister of the Netherlands has visited Indonesia in a bid to put education at the centre of bilateral relations between the two countries. More...

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11 décembre 2019

US DOS promotes community colleges

By Claudia Civinini. The US Department of State has spoken out in support of promoting community colleges’ education offer and encouraging colleges and universities to form articulation agreements in an effort to keep the country competitive in the global international student recruitment race. More...

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07 décembre 2019

Using VET to integrate migrants in Belgium

Home At the 2018 Euroskills Budapest competition, a single Brussels resident represented the successful Belgian delegation: Omar Lo, a young political refugee, had benefitted from training offered through one of the existing integration programmes set up in Brussels. More...

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Finland: new quality strategy for VET

Home The Vocational Education and Training Act (531/2017), which entered into force in 2018, requires education providers to have an efficient quality management system in place and carry out quality management at all levels. More...

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Cross-country comparison of VET qualifications discussed at Cedefop workshop

Home Comparing the content of qualifications across European countries is part of Cedefop’s work on understanding qualifications, initiated more than two decades ago.
It comprises the shift to learning outcomes to measure qualifications, the development of a common language (ESCO) to underpin a common understanding and the promotion of qualifications frameworks across Europe to classify them. More...

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