12 février 2019


EUproVET is a representational platform for European VET providers. EUproVET contributes to the European agenda by

  • Providing the labour market with a skilled and high qualified labour force.
  • Contributing to social inclusion, from both the social and economic perspectives.
  • Contributing to life long learning.
  • Creating smooth pathways to higher stages of education. Contributing to an open European Vocational Education and Training Area (EVETA). More...

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Statistical overviews on VET

HomeEuropean and national policies on Vocational Education and Training (VET) need to be informed by sound and internationally comparable statistical evidence. More...

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National policy developments in vocational education and training

HomeThese reports describe developments in vocational education and training (VET) policy in 2015-17 in the EU Member States, Iceland and Norway. They are part of the series Cedefop monitoring and analysis of VET policies and consist the background material for the Cedefop 2018 analysis on the progress towards achieving targets that have been agreed within the process of European cooperation in VET since 2015. More...

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11 février 2019

Cedefop Modernising vocational education and training

HomeCedefop’s fourth report on VET (2009) research examines European VET policy priorities for modernising VET from a research perspective. It also takes a critical look at the drivers for and challenges to VET modernisation. More...

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Cedefop European Journal of Vocational Training

HomeAt its plenary meeting in June 2009, and after careful consideration and weighing available evidence, Cedefop’s Governing Board decided to cease publication of the European journal of vocational training (EJVT) from 2010 onwards. More...

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Cedefop ERO

HomeThe European Research Overview (ERO) promotes European VET research reporting and cooperation. ERO supports the exchange of knowledge and information for the research community, for policy makers and practitioners. It also fosters close collaboration with European and national research networks and research bodies. More...

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Cedefop Assessing VET’s benefits

HomeUnderstanding the contribution of VET to individuals’ career, employability and social inclusion as well as its impact on economic growth and productivity is important for assessing investment in VET compared to other types of education or learning. More...

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Cedefop Projects - Opinion survey on vocational education and training in Europe

HomeIn 2016 Cedefop launched its first ever opinion survey aimed at investigating European citizens’ opinions on Vocational Education and Training (VET). A total of 35,646 interviews were conducted among the citizens of the Member States. More...

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Cedefop Developing lifelong learning - Assessing VET's benefits

HomeCedefop is investigating the benefits of VET at micro (individual, enterprise), meso (sectors, social groups and communities) and macro (economy and society, country and European Union) levels. More...

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Cedefop VET in Europe

HomeVET in Europe is the most comprehensive information resource on vocational education and training (VET) systems in Europe. ReferNet, Cedefop’s European network, provides descriptions of national VET systems in the European Union, Norway and Iceland based on a common template designed by Cedefop. More...

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