03 avril 2019

Community Colleges and the Future of Higher Education

By Steven Mintz. The cornerstones of success
If this country is to achieve its postsecondary attainment goals and bring many more Americans to a bright future, community colleges will bear much of the responsibility. More...

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JPMorgan's Big-Dollar Bet on Community Colleges

HomeBy Paul Fain. Financial firm rolls out $350 million for career education programs in high-demand fields, following a previous $250 million in similar grants. More...

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02 avril 2019

Gateway to College Merges With Achieving the Dream

HomeBy Ashley A. Smith. Achieving the Dream, a national network that promotes community college reform, and Gateway to College, which helps high school dropouts get their diplomas and earn college credits, announced today that they are merging into one organization. More...

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California Community Colleges Formally Shift Away From Placement Exams

HomeBy Ashley A. Smith. The California Community Colleges Board of Governors agreed Monday to end the use of placement exams in the system. More...

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01 avril 2019

An Impossible (Says You) Proposal

HomeWe must stop expecting less of the millions of capable community college students who want the finest possible education, Wick Sloane argues. More...

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31 mars 2019

Editorial: High Hopes for First Online Community College

Techno-News BlogOnline education has not lived up to its hype yet, but if any state can make a go of it, it should be California, the tech capital of the world. More...

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10 mars 2019

Séminaire de contact « Give VET mobility a fresh boost »

Logo Agence Erasmus+ France Education FormationL'agence Erasmus+ norvégienne en partenariat avec les agences nordiques, allemande et française organise un séminaire de contact « Give VET mobility a fresh boost » pour développer de futurs projets de mobilité de formation professionnelle entre ces pays.
Ce séminaire de contact est ouvert aux acteurs de la formation professionnelle, en particulier les nouveaux arrivants dans le programme Erasmus+ et/ou les organisations en mesure d'être un levier pour impulser des dynamiques sur le territoire et déclencher de nouveaux dépôts de projets Erasmus+. Plus...

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09 mars 2019

Spain: new steps to boost VET

HomeThe General Council for Vocational Training (Consejo General de Formación Profesional, CGFP) – an advisory body where education and labour authorities responsible for VET work together with trade unions and employers’ associations – has set up several working groups to boost the VET system. More...

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Finland: many VET learners come from upper secondary or tertiary education

HomeMore than a half of learners enrolling in vocational education and training (VET) have previously acquired an upper secondary or tertiary level qualification. This reflects the role on VET in lifelong learning in Finland. More...

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Watch how Austria's VET system works!

HomeWith 70% of upper secondary students following vocational studies, vocational education and training (VET) is highly valued in Austria. More...

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