20 avril 2019

Connecticut Moves to Consolidate Community Colleges Amid Faculty Opposition

HomeBy Ashley A. Smith. The head of Connecticut's community college and university system will present more detailed plans for consolidating the management of the two-year colleges to the system's accreditor. More...

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Positive Mind-Set Tied to Engagement, GPA

HomeBy Ashley A. Smith. Community college students perform better and are more engaged when they have a positive attitude, or "growth mind-set," about learning and improving. More...

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19 avril 2019

Who Owns the Bachelor's Degree?

HomeCommunity college presidents believe they should be allowed to award bachelor's degree to reach students left behind by traditional four-year institutions. Growing evidence says they're right, Mary Alice McCarthy writes. More...

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18 avril 2019

Community Colleges And Tech Companies Are Co-Branding Credentials To Solve The Skills Gap

Techno-News BlogThere’s an important lesson there for higher education and it’s not just anecdote. Employers increasingly use applicant tracking systems that often screen for very specific skills. More...

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08 avril 2019

Why vocational education matters more than you might think

Education & Skills TodayVocational education has not always had the best reputation. Vocational programmes are often technical in nature, and their graduates typically expect lower incomes relative to those who complete general or academic tracks. As a result, vocational education is generally perceived as a track for low-achieving students, or an alternative for those who drop out. More...

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07 avril 2019

How education and training can help shape economy and social fabric

HomeCedefop Acting Executive Director Mara Brugia told participants in Thessaloniki’s Maritime Economic Forum conference, hosted by the agency on 5 April, that it is not enough for vocational education and training (VET) to adapt to change; education and training can also help shape the future of a region’s or a country’s economy and social fabric. More...

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Iceland: VET attractiveness challenge for policy makers

HomeAbout half of the students in Iceland’s upper secondary schools believe that vocational education and training (VET) would be a more suitable option than general education. More...

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Vocational education and training systems in Europe at a glance

HomeCedefop offers a concise, clear and concrete picture of vocational education and training (VET) systems in a new publication, which brings together the main VET features and data in 30 countries: all EU Member States, Norway and Iceland. More...

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Cedefop presents key competences work at DGVT meeting

HomeVocational education and training (VET) excellence and key competences were at the centre of discussions at the meeting of Directors General for VET (DGVT) in Alba Iulia, Romania, on 17 and 18 March. More...

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Slovenia: VET Act amendments

HomeAmendments to the Vocational education (VET) Act, adopted in December 2017, came into effect in September 2018. They defined access to education for foreign citizens and student and mentor status. More...

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