21 juin 2019

Denmark: a new VET initiative/law

HomeThe law –passed by Parliament end of April 2019 – also seeks to help more young people in the unemployment benefit system to complete a job-oriented education and training programme of high quality standard. All pathways leading young people to education or jobs are to be improved. More...

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Europe’s VET learners give thumbs up to #CedefopPhotoAward 2019

HomeThe #CedefopPhotoAward 2019 has closed and more than 110 teams from 20 European countries have taken part. The results will be announced in July. More...

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Cedefop presents updated VET toolkit for tackling early leaving

HomeAt a policy forum on the role of community lifelong learning centres (CLLCs) organised jointly by Cedefop and the Lifelong Learning Platform (LLLP) at the Permanent Representation of Romania to the EU, in Brussels on 29 May, Cedefop presented the new edition of its vocational education and training (VET) toolkit for tackling early leaving from education and training. More...

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Cedefop’s future of VET work presented in Finland

HomeThe seminar ran in parallel with the national skills competition, an event similar in size to EuroSkills, bringing together over 400 competitors from 43 skill categories to compete in their own fields. Some skills had international competitors and students from upper secondary schools and universities of applied sciences. The President of the Republic of Finland Sauli Niinistö was among the visitors. More...

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Hungary: VET Innovation Council – A new driver of change in vocational training

HomeThe landscape of the national vocational education and training (VET) system is changing, no less due to the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution. The Ministry for Innovation and Technology supports active involvement of all VET stakeholders in this process through the newly established VET Innovation Council. More...

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20 juin 2019

Sweden: higher vocational education continues to expand

HomeThe Swedish Agency for Higher Vocational Education decided in January 2019 which programmes are to be added to the HVET portfolio over the next few years. More than 14 000 new study places were added for 2019. The expansion of higher vocational education in Sweden continues. More...

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The Netherlands: promoting research in VET schools

HomeTeacher-researchers (practor) have formed a multi-disciplinary teacher team (practoraat) in many VET-schools. Practors operate as mediators conducting and linking research with education practice. More...

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Poland: VET reform continues

HomeIn November 2018, an act introducing significant changes in VET was signed into law. The new law complements the recent structural reform of the education system initiated in 2016. More...

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15 juin 2019

Ensuring success for community college students

eCampus NewsFor generations, community colleges have been the unsung heroes of the higher education system, the engines of social and economic mobility in our country. This broad network of colleges, which attracts more than 40 percent of first-time college-goers, provides open access to college for low-income students, rural students, first-generation students, parenting students, working students, and returning veterans. More...

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11 juin 2019

Comparison Ads

By Matt Reed. I had a conversation on Monday with someone on campus about reaching out to some of the populations that for-profit schools tend to target. I made the obligatory reference to Lower Ed, then noted how much lower our tuition is -- even for online courses -- than the major for-profits with whom we compete. More...

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