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17 février 2020

Arizona State Working with Community Colleges in Interactive OER Pilot

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Arizona State Working with Community Colleges in Interactive OER Pilot
Dian Schaffhauser, Campus Technology, 2019/04/04
The initial concept is laudable. "What Anbar has in mind is something he calls "active OER." That's taking the standard digital textbook and expanding it with the addition of digital resources, including simulations that are both interactive and adaptive." So is the committment of $25 million to the project. But why then would it be narrowed down to one commercial provider? "That's where Smart Sparrow comes in: The company produces aero, a learning platform that allows the instructor to pull together lessons from a set of templates." This is in many respects the opposite of extending OERs with interactive resources. More...

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02 février 2020

Germany: focus on excellence in VET through updated Training Assistance Act (AFBG)

Home Funding is a major issue in participation in continuing education and training. The German Government decided to expand public funding for VET students who want to acquire higher VET qualifications, i.e. VET at tertiary education level. The amendments of the Upgrading Training Assistance Act (AFBG) will come into force on 1st of August 2020. More...

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Malta: ‘My journey’ –Introducing vocational subjects in general secondary education

Home The Ministry for Education and Employment (MEDE) is launching ‘My journey: achieving through different paths’, a secondary school reform aiming to tackle early school leaving further and to provide a system for all learners by addressing their different learning aptitudes, intelligence and patterns. More...

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Send your children to ‘first choice’ VET – Cedefop Executive Director to MEPs

Home Speaking to the members of the European Parliament’s EMPL Committee on 28 January in Brussels, Cedefop Executive Director Jürgen Siebel urged the MEPs and experts present to think about sending their children to vocational education and training (VET). It’s a first choice, he said. More...

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30 janvier 2020

Crunch Time for Calbright

Techno-News BlogCalifornia’s new online-only community college grabbed headlines again with its CEO’s departure. More...

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29 janvier 2020

Good News and Bad News on ASAP

By Matt Reed. The MDRC just issued a report on the results of imitating CUNY’s ASAP program at three community colleges in Ohio. The news is good and bad. More...

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Keynesian Community College

By Matt Reed. When the stabilizer needs a stabilizer. More...

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Doubling Graduation Rates in Ohio for CUNY's ASAP

HomeBy Paul Fain. Three Ohio community colleges in 2014 began adopting versions of a student success program from the City University of New York. The expanding program, dubbed Accelerated Study in Associate Programs (ASAP), requires community college students to attend full-time while providing them with a wide array of additional supports, including enhanced advising, special first-year courses, cohort course taking, tutoring, career services, a tuition waiver, textbook assistance and a subsidy for public transportation. More...

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Health Benefits From Community College Accessibility

HomeBy Paul Fain. A new working paper from the National Bureau of Economic Research examined the relationship between college openings, college credential attainment and health behaviors and outcomes later in life. More...

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Crunch Time for Calbright

HomeBy Madeline St. Amour. California's new online-only community college grabbed headlines again with its CEO's departure. While some see the college as a doomed venture, others say it's too soon to pass judgment. More...

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