28 novembre 2014

HEFCE report highlights the growing transnational nature of English higher education

HEFCE logoNew research by HEFCE looks for the first time at how students on UK higher education programmes delivered overseas move on to first degree courses delivered in England.
Madeleine Atkins, HEFCE’s Chief Executive, said:

‘Higher education has become vastly more mobile in the past decade. The number of UK providers delivering higher education in other countries has grown significantly, but we know relatively little about the impact of these initiatives on international student recruitment patterns and pathways.
‘This report fills that gap. It highlights the key contribution of transnational education to English higher education, and the need for improved understanding of trends and developments in a fast-changing national and global higher education landscape.
‘In the light of this research we can see the importance of long-term commitment and a strategic approach to transnational education. Some institutions have been particularly successful in this arena, and dedicated partnerships built on mutuality and reciprocity emerge as the foundations of their achievements.’ More...

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20 novembre 2014

Grande Région : 5 novembre 2014 à Trèves - Signature de l’accord-cadre sur la formation professionnelle transfrontalière

L’accord a été signé à Trèves, en marge de la conférence sur le marché du travail, par les représentants politiques en charge du travail et de la formation professionnelle des régions partenaires, les directeurs des services publics de l’emploi ainsi que par les représentants des instances interrégionales des parlements, chambres, syndicats régionaux et des communes de la Grande Région.
Les partenaires y définissent pour la première fois les objectifs communs de la politique de formation professionnelle transfrontalière.
Ils conviennent par ailleurs de promouvoir la formation initiale ainsi que la formation professionnelle continue transfrontalières et décident de mettre en place des mesures transfrontalières en faveur d’une politique active de l’emploi des jeunes en impliquant tous leurs organismes compétents. Voir l'article...

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27 octobre 2014

Call for papers: Transnational Academic Spaces

By Hedda. This one-day conference will take place at Bielefeld University in Germany on March 27th 2015 and it titled “Transnational Academic Spaces”. The keynote speaker for the conference is Professor Russel King from University of Sussex. See more...

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11 août 2014

OBHE study: Transnational education vs international student mobility: Substitutes or distinct markets?

While the provision of transnational education (TNE) is growing globally through outsourced programmes, partnerships and online platforms, the question as to what is happening with ‘traditional’ student mobility remains. Is it affected and how by the rise of TNE? This question is increasingly placed at the heart of research on higher education and internationalisation, and it is among the core ones in a recent study which bears the title ‘Transnational Education vs International Student Mobility: Substitutes or Distinct Markets?’, conducted by Vangelis Tsiligiris, Principal of MBS College of Crete, and published by the Observatory on Borderless Higher Education (OBHE).
More information about the study can be found on the OBHE website. More...

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02 août 2014

Enhancing student learning and teacher development in transnational education

O'Mahony, J. (2014) Enhancing student learning and teacher development in transnational education . Enhancing student learning and teacher development in transnational education, ( ). pp. 1-48.


An analysis of transnational education (TNE): defined in the paper as 'award or credit bearing learning undertaken by students who are based in a different country from that of the awarding institution.'

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22 juillet 2014

Transnational education at the heart of international business strategy

By Vangelis Tsiligiris. Universities increasingly pursue transnational activities in an effort to develop their market reach. Transnational education, which encompasses all the activities that allow a student to study in a country other than the one of the awarding institution, has gained attention and has been subject to various debates. Read more...

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09 juillet 2014

TNE no substitute to mobility says OBHE report

By Sara Custer. Transnational student enrolments do not dent more “traditional” international student flows, according to think tank OBHE. A report it commissioned has found that UK exports of transnational education (TNE) to top host countries has not affected international students headed to institutions in the UK. More...

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13 juin 2014

Impacts of transnational education on host countries

British Council and Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst. (2014) Impacts of transnational education on host countries. pp. 1-48.
Study of transnational education focusing on academic, cultural, economic and skills impacts in host countries.
Publication type: Report
Authors: University Alliance
Publication title: Impacts of transnational education on host countries
Official URL: http://www.britishcouncil.org/sites/britishcouncil.uk2/files/tne_study_final_web.pdf. More...

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Transnational education: the challenges of partnership and representation in a global context

NUS. (2014) Transnational education: the challenges of partnership and representation in a global context . Transnational education: the challenges of partnership and representation in a global context, ( ). pp. 1-28.
Qualitative research into existing student representation and engagement practices in transnational higher education settings.
Publication type: Report
Authors: NUS
Publication title: Transnational education: the challenges of partnership and representation in a global context
Official URL: http://www.heacademy.ac.uk/news/detail/2014/learning_teaching_transnational_education_reports. More...

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24 avril 2014

Travailler en Grande Région / Mobilité transfrontalière

Lorraine Parcours MétiersTémoin d’un passé mouvementé, la Grande Région est un espace de coopération exemplaire en Europe. Avec plus de 200 000 frontaliers en 2010, elle enregistre la plus importante mobilité transfrontalière derrière la Suisse. Cette zone européenne réunit sept composantes : la Sarre, la Rhénanie-Palatinat, le Luxembourg, la Lorraine, la Wallonie ainsi que les Communautés française et germanophone de Belgique.
Recenser l’information existante sur l’emploi en Grande Région et vous en faciliter l’accès, tel est notre objectif. Les liens proposés dans les rubriques ci-dessous vous guideront dans votre recherche d’emploi.
Rechercher une offre d'emploi

S'informer sur le marché de l'emploi, les conditions de vie
      et de travail

Autres ressources. Voir l'article...

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