14 mai 2016

Moving from academia to successful biotech: Optimizing tech transfer

University Business Magazine logoSubmitted by Stefanie Botelho. University tech transfer offices play a central role in the biotech ecosystem, as the successful commercialization of an academic discovery is the aspiration of many young startups. Navigating–and optimizing–this tech transfer process is therefore critical to the health of the biotech sector. More...

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At USC, a rare open door for transfer students

University Business Magazine logoSubmitted by Stefanie Botelho. At many elite universities, transfer students are an exotic group, comprising a tiny subset of the undergraduate population. Stanford and Yale enrolled 29 new transfers apiece in 2014, Harvard 12. Princeton has not enrolled any transfers since 1990. More...

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12 mai 2016

Good Outcomes for Transfers

HomeBy Doug Lederman. Study finds that students who start at community college earn bachelor's degrees at much lower rates -- but those who transfer fare as well as (or better than) "native" four-year-college students. Read more...

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05 mai 2016

The international sisterhood of technology transfer

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "hefce.ac.uk logo"By . International experience tells us that knowledge exchange won’t thrive in a copycat culture. Instead, universities need to forge their own unique family ties. More...

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30 avril 2016

Knowledge transfer: is this ‘third mission’ a mission impossible?

By David Matthews. Academic casts doubt on universities’ spin-off success and impact on SMEs. More...

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29 avril 2016

Expanding Transfer Opportunities for Community College Students

The EvoLLLutionBy Rhonda Tracy - EvoLLLution. Institutional leaders at both two-year and four-year colleges have a great deal of work to do to maximize student transfer and increase the number of four-year degree holders. More...

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28 avril 2016

UoP, UC Berkeley establish transfer students agreement

eCampus NewsAgreement will allow for transfer students to obtain a bachelor’s degree. More...

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23 avril 2016

Liberté religieuse et entreprise, un subtil mariage

Emploi Parlons Net, le webzine de l'emploi & du travail (Retour à l'accueil)Par Barbara Leblanc. Port du voile, de la kippa ou d'une croix, absence pour fête ou aménagement du temps de travail...Le fait religieux s'invite à l'intérieur même des entreprises, parfois démunies face aux cas extrêmes. Qu'est-il réellement possible de faire. Voir l'article...

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18 avril 2016

The vital role of credit transfers

By Christine Arnold and Grace Karram Stephenson. Over the past 30 years, higher education has transitioned from an elite endeavour to an open market. The number of post-secondary institutions around the world has increased exponentially, often through the founding of small-scale, private operations. Read more...

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02 avril 2016

Transfer Articulation Takes Off In Connecticut

The EvoLLLutionBy Elsa Núñez - EvoLLLution. Two decades ago, the United States had the highest percentage of adults with a college degree in the world. The educational attainment level of our citizens was a sign of economic productivity and innovation, social stability, and individuals’ upward mobility. Today, we are no better than 14th in the world on this important measure. More...

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