29 juin 2014

Why We Need a New EdTech Vocabulary

http://www.insidehighered.com/sites/default/server_files/styles/blog_landing/public/technology_and_learning_blog_header.jpg?itok=aQthgJ91By Joshua Kim. This is a blog about technology.
But really, I don’t care about technology.
Technology is a tool.  We use technology to achieve the things that we really care about.
I’m not even sure if technology is a very good means. Read more...

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Academic Tech Spending

http://www.insidehighered.com/sites/default/server_files/styles/blog_landing/public/technology_and_learning_blog_header.jpg?itok=aQthgJ91By Joshua Kim. I’ve been spending some time with the EDUCAUSE CDS (Core Data Service) 2013 Executive Summary Report.
What I’m hoping to figure out is where and how higher ed spends on technology. 
How much do we spend and where does the money go?
These questions were in part inspired by a question that Brad Wheeler asks in his must-read essay in EDUCAUSE Review Speeding Up on Curves (January 2014). Read more...

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26 juin 2014

The History of Ed-Tech via Patent Applications

https://s3.amazonaws.com/hackedu/audreywatters_75.jpgBy . Mike Caulfield tweeted this picture this morning, with a wry chuckle alluding to MOOCs' pretension that they've invented this whole ed-tech thing: a 1966 patent for an “audio visual teaching system.”
The tweet fits nicely with a project we're working on: trying to uncover and document some of the “hidden history” of ed-tech (and it dovetails too with my forthcoming book on Teaching Machines). More...

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10 key steps to designing a great university app

eCampus NewsBy Meris Stansbury - . By now, most people have caught on to the fact that not all apps are created equal, and that while it’s cool in theory to have an app for your college or university, if students and alumni don’t find it useful, you’ve just wasted precious time and money. More...

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16 juin 2014

Google announces Google Educator Groups - great resource for educators

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Google announces Google Educator Groups - great resource for educators
David Andrade, Educational Technology Guy, June 14, 2014
David Andrade writes, "Yesterday Google announced the launch of Google Educators Groups. This is a program made up of communities of educators who can connect with each other to learn, share, and help each other. While it is mainly online, there are real-world meetups and events as well." Of course, educators have been doing all of this before Google Educators Groups - but now Google owns it. More...

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#YesAllWomen and Ed-Tech Conferences, or Why ISTE is Unsafe

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. #YesAllWomen and Ed-Tech Conferences, or Why ISTE is Unsafe
Audrey Watters, Hack Education, June 14, 2014
I'm still dealing with backlog, so I didn't see it when it came out 9 days ago, but it's important enough to pass along. Audrey Watters writes, "Ariel Norling published an incredibly brave article — an incredibly difficult to read article — chronicling predatory behavior and sexual assault at last year’s ISTE conference." She then relates her own experiences in the field, and the "utterly dismissive, if not utterly disgusting" response offered by ISTE's Brian Lewis. More...

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14 juin 2014

A portal of educational resources: providing evidence for matching pedagogy with technology

The TPACK (Technology, Pedagogy and Content Knowledge) model presents the three types of knowledge that are necessary to implement a successful technology-based educational activity.
It highlights how the intersections between TPK (Technological Pedagogical Knowledge), PCK (Pedagogical Content Knowledge) and TCK (Technological Content Knowledge) are not a sheer sum up of their components but new types of knowledge. This paper focuses on TPK, the intersection between technology knowledge and pedagogy knowledge – a crucial field of investigation.
Download portal_educational_resources.pdf. More...

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10 juin 2014

3 Universities Earn Accolades for Tech Innovation

By . Boundary-pushing projects involving mobile computing and in-memory analytics have landed three universities on the 2014 CIO 100 list, which recognizes organizations that leverage information technology in innovative ways. Georgetown University, Lynn University, and the University of Kentucky were the higher-education institutions among the awardees, made public this week by IDG Enterprise, a media company that produces publications including CIO and Computerworld magazines. Read more...

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09 juin 2014

What We Talked About at the EdX Meeting

http://www.insidehighered.com/sites/default/server_files/styles/blog_landing/public/technology_and_learning_blog_header.jpg?itok=aQthgJ91By Joshua Kim. I’m just back from the edX Consortium #FutureEDU meeting at Delft University.  (It turns out the Dutch are the world’s most gracious and generous hosts - if at all possible hold your next conference in the Netherlands). 
At last count the not-for-profit edX Consortium has 47 postsecondary and institutional members, and the global forum is our chance to share best practices and lessons learned. Read more...

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07 juin 2014

Formation modulaire aux usages des TIC en formation

Carif Oref Midi-PyrénéesL’Afpa Balma Tertiaire organise une action de formation de formateurs intitulée " former à distance avec les TIC". Afin d’apporter une réponse plus souple et plus adaptée aux besoins des acteurs de la formation, celle-ci est entièrement modulaire et se déroulera d’octobre 2014 à juin 2015. Financée par la Région Midi-Pyrénées, et réalisée sur le réseau Pyramide, elle s’adresse aux acteurs de la formation souhaitant développer des compétences dans le domaine de la formation à distance et plus généralement dans la pratique des environnements numériques en formation.
Pour obtenir de plus amples informations sur le déroulement de cette action vous pouvez télécharger le dossier de candidature ou contacter Jean-Michel Massu au 05 61 17 21 64.

Télécharger le dossier de candidature

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