11 février 2020

Transitions Pro Normandie - Etes-vous un entrepreneur ?

Un premier pas facile à faire qui vous permettra de voir simplement si vous êtes prêt à vous lancer dans l'aventure.
Faites le TEST. Plus...

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28 janvier 2020

Why We Need National Testing

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Why We Need National Testing
The title for this post is quite misleading. A good part of the discussion concerns the nature of testing, and in particular comparing test results against "the norm". As Ravitch points out, these results are routinely misinterpreted, as newspaper headlines scream that half of all students are testing below "the norm". Testing against the norm - doing pretty much anything against the norm (and here I address all those people who want to follow the 'middle path') - is in error, as the 'norm' can shift. "If everyone is grossly overweight, then the 'norm' is to be overweight." But it doesn't follow, and I don't agree, that there is some absolute standard against which people can be tested. The selection of such standard becomes a political process. And while Ravitch may talk about those standards as "shared culture" the fact is testing becomes in such an environment not an evaluation of achievement but rather a measurement of conformity. More...

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25 janvier 2020

Parlez-vous Deeptech? Le quiz pour tester vos connaissances

Bpifrance CréationTechnologies de rupture, innovations, laboratoires, R&D tous ces termes sont au cœur des enjeux de la Deeptech. Aujourd'hui on vous propose de tester vos connaissances pour vérifier si vous êtes, ou non, un Deeptech addict. Plus...

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21 janvier 2020

OET opens first test venue in Pakistan

By Kerrie Kennedy. The Occupational English Test, an English language test for healthcare professionals, is to be available in Pakistan from November 2019 following the opening of a new test venue managed by AEO Pakistan in the capital, Islamabad. More...

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08 janvier 2020

Pearson opens test centre in Pakistan

By Will Nott. English-language testing provider Pearson has opened a new centre in Islamabad, Pakistan, adding the PTE Academic test to its portfolio of qualifications on offer in the country. More...

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11 décembre 2019

OUP launches Oxford Test of English

By Claudia Civinini. Oxford University Press is launching a new digitally-delivered English language proficiency test for learners over 16, the only English language test certified by the University of Oxford. More...

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13 novembre 2019

Will this be on the test?

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Will this be on the test?
nick shackleton-jones, aconventional, 2019/03/26
Part of the problem with using 'scientific evidence' is that it mistakes efficiency for learning. Nick Shackleton-Jones makes this point quite nicely: "If someone wants to pass a test, the most efficient process is to give them the answers so that they can copy them into the paper." This is essentially what direct instruction amounts to, and so it's not surprising that the evidence people like Paul Kirschner cite reach this conclusion. The other side of the coin, though: "So what is it then – if it’s not storing facts in your head?". More...

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30 octobre 2019

Endurance Tests

By Barbara Fister. Libraries are a boon to journalism. No, I’m not referring to taking out subscriptions or encouraging literacy or filling a gap when local reporting no longer exists -- I mean the ad revenue generated whenever an article is published arguing libraries are doing it wrong. They get a lot of clicks. More...

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03 octobre 2019

Testez votre niveau au concours des écoles de journalisme

Chaque année, ils sont des centaines d’étudiants à tenter d’intégrer une des très nombreuses écoles de journalisme françaises. Malgré le désamour de la société pour ses journalistes, en particulier chez les plus jeunes, les 14 écoles reconnues par la profession font le plein. Plus...

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30 septembre 2019

Quiz: testez votre niveau au Tage Mage

Le test d’aptitude aux études de gestion et de management des entreprises (Tage Mage) est devenu un passage obligé pour intégrer de nombreuses écoles de commerce. Faites le test. Plus...

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