21 août 2019

Top 5 Digital Transformation Trends In Education For 2020

Techno-News BlogIt’s that time of year again where we take a look at the top digital transformation trends in the coming year in several industries. First up: education. More...

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12 juillet 2019

Privatization and Public Universities

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Scott Jaschik[Edit][Delete]: Privatization and Public Universities, Inside Higher Ed [Edit][Delete] August 10, 2006
Book review looking at the trend toward the privatization of the public university system in the United States. Interesting because it recognizes the phenomenon of de facto privatization, where public funding is reduced and replaced by tuitions, foundation grants, research revenues, and other enterprise income. More...

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06 juillet 2019

Yes, But: Humanities at Community Colleges

By Matt Reed. Important trends.
The Community College Research Center (CCRC) just issued two reports on the state of the Humanities at community colleges in the U.S. One looks at the proportion of students who major in humanities, and also at the percentage of overall courses taken that fall under what the reports call “HLA” (humanities and liberal arts -- a serious misnomer, given that the liberal arts also include the social sciences, math, and the natural sciences, but whatever). The other looks at humanities course enrollment and performance as a predictor of degree completion, vertical transfer, and completion upon vertical transfer. More...

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33 Online Education Questions Inspired by Mary Meeker’s 2019 Internet Trends Report

By Joshua Kim. Parsing a 333 slide deck through a digital learning lens.
In an alternate universe, Mary Meeker’s annual Internet Trend Report focuses solely on online education. More...

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By Joshua KimIn a few years, audio devices will be implanted in our skulls.  Already today, people seem to be leaving their AirPods in their ears all day long.  (A trend driven by the appalling rise of the dreadful open office). More...

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01 juillet 2019

The Digital Library Landscape and Trends in the World of Web 2.0

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Lorcan Dempsey[Edit][Delete]: The Digital Library Landscape and Trends in the World of Web 2.0, Edinburgh University Library [Edit][Delete] July 6, 2006
If you have two and a half hours to watch a video, be sure to watch this one, a presentation by Lorcan Dempsey organized by the Digital Library Division of Edinburgh University Library. It's the first detailed look I've seen at the impact of web 2.0 approaches on university libraries. Around the 30:00 minute there's even a discussion of the 'Future VLE' chart (Dave Tosh's version), and Dempsey, while observing (with reference to Liz Lyon) that "URLs are the new currency" asks librarians "How many of your resources have URLs?. More...

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19 juin 2019

e-Book Tendances RH

Focus RH - Gestion de carrière et évolution professionnellePublié en mars, le Book RH revient chaque année sur les principales tendances qui ont marqué la profession, ainsi que sur les bonnes pratiques à échanger entre pairs. Plus...

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15 juin 2019

Online education trends: Empower students and help them prepare for the future

eCampus NewsThis Top Trends round-up features some of the most-read resources about online education. More...

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21 mai 2019

Trends in Informal Learning Spaces

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Malcolm B. Brown and Phillip D. Long: Trends in Informal Learning Spaces, Educause October 3, 2005

If you've got a few hours for the download (it's a PowerPoint presentation weighing in at 36 megabytes) you might find this look at informal learning environments interesting. More...

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05 mai 2019

7 new online education trends

eCampus NewsCareer and employment goals continue to be one of the top reasons students pursue online education, according to an annual report recapping online education trends. More...

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