27 janvier 2019

(Early) Signs of (Modest) Online Saturation

Techno-News Blog Bold pronouncements about trends in the fast-moving, and somewhat data-poor, landscape of online learning should be approached with great skepticism — which is why this isn’t one. What it is is a high-level view of some data in an analysis published last month by Public Insight, which collects and makes available public data in accessible formats. More...

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8 Steps to Successfully Piloting an Edtech Project

Techno-News Blog There are many new edtech tools on the market, and each claims it will improve student learning. More...

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The Responsibilities of Leading with Technology

Techno-News Blog The flowering of edtech over the last decade has created an amazing landscape. More...

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23 janvier 2019

Robots to help teach English in Japan

By Anton Crace. The Japanese government has announced plans to use robots in school classrooms as part of a new approach to improve its population’s English proficiency, and take advantage of an expected increase in tourism. More...

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ANZ: platform pools career info on academic staff

By Anton Crace. A partnership between Australian-based education solutions provider, Edalex, and US technology company, Interfolio, will see academics in Australia and New Zealand be able to communicate their professional and scholarly story better when seeking employment. More...

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20 janvier 2019

La technologie "SimLife" au service d'un réseau numérique en simulation chirurgicale

sup-numerique.gouv.frDiffusion numérique des fondamentaux pédagogiques d'un enseignement préclinique de médecine opératoire par simulation utilisant le dispositif innovant "SimLife" simulant un patient anesthésié au bloc opératoire. Plus...

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Normandie: Inauguration du robot R-One™ destiné à la cardiologie interventionnelle

Associations des Régions de France, toute l'actualité des régions.Le Medical Training & Testing Center (MTC) de Rouen, qui est dédié à l’apprentissage par simulation de la médecine et des soins, inaugure, lundi 14 janvier, le robot robot R-One™ destiné à la cardiologie interventionnelle. Plus...

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19 janvier 2019

TopClass episode 14: How will technology and A.I. affect education?

Education & Skills TodayTechnology has changed the way societies function, and schools will need to adapt in order to prepare students for the technology-rich environments they will face. But the gadget-filled modern world is still relatively new, and understanding how education should respond to it is still a work-in-progress. The influence of artificial intelligence, in particular, deserves serious consideration from educators. More...

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Campus intelligent : Les équipements

HeadwayBlog Headway - Olivier Rollot. Espaces collaboratifs, de créativité, learning labs, learning centers, bulles individuelles et collectives, fablabs… sous l’impulsion du numérique, l’environnement de travail évolue. Plus...

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18 janvier 2019

Reliability as a Service: How Cloud Computing is Behind Instructure’s Early Success, Blackboard’s Hopes, and Moodle’s Challenges

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "mfeldstein.com logo"By . Our favorite technology industry blog—Ben Thompson's Stratechery—has a great piece up about Amazon's relationship to open source that also explains a lot about the tectonic shifts in the LMS market. More...

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