24 novembre 2017

Boosting Completion by Softening Standards?

HomeBy Ashley A. Smith. City Colleges of Chicago has received a heaping of praise in the last few years for dramatically improving single-digit graduation rates. More...

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23 novembre 2017

An IT Accessibility Watchdog?

HomeBy Lindsay McKenzie. As lawsuits mount over access to learning technologies for people with disabilities, universities consider banding together to share accessibility reviews of vendor products. More...

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A Data Paradox

HomeBy Lindsay McKenzie. During the "Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: The Art of the Possible" session, a Microsoft representative demonstrated new developments in the Delve application that could help boost student and faculty productivity. More...

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Snapchat Teams With College Newspapers

HomeBy Lindsay McKenzie. The social media app announced on 8 September that it was partnering with four college newspapers to expand its news coverage to a younger audience. UC Berkeley’s The Daily Californian, Texas A&M’s The Battalion, Syracuse’s The Daily Orange, and UW Madison’s The Badger Herald will begin publishing weekly news highlights called Stories on the app. More...

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The Next Yik Yak?

HomeBy Lindsay McKenzie. Islands app gains traction as it expands base of colleges. Its founder says he learned from the controversial (and defunct) Yik Yak, but the new app gives users ability to post anonymously -- a trait many believe was at the root of why Yik Yak caused so many problems on campuses. More...

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22 novembre 2017

A cloud-based content gathering network

A cloud-based content gathering network
The Morning Paper, 2017/08/25
This is an interesting concept thata makes the internet just a little bit more complex. The idea of a content delivery network (CDN) is that copies of web pages are sent to servers around the world, so when you access the page, you are sent to the server closest to you. More...

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Becoming Connected

Becoming Connected
Stephen Downes, Aug 25, 2017, Konferencja Pokazać – Przekazać, Warsaw, Poland
Objective: To present the core ideas of connectivism in both a learning and scientific context, in a sense unifying the ideas of discovery, interaction and education. Live stream: https://www.youtube.com/user/StephenDownes. More...

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The Bittersweet Convergence of Policy, Higher Ed and Tech

The Bittersweet Convergence of Policy, Higher Ed and Tech
Dian Schaffhauser, Campus Technology, 2017/08/23
This article summarizes a panel at a recent BBWorld conference. The premise is that "even as technology continually promises to deliver a more effective education to a more engaged audience of learners, it hardly ever measures up." Instead, we see "a rush of bad actors coming in and providing subpar, poor-quality, crappy education, used by schools that are seeing this as a cheaper way to get folks through." But the "what I really want" response is equally bad - "What I really want — on our overhead projector, I want a rollof plastic, not individual screens." Yes, someone said that. More...

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The rise of robot teachers

The rise of robot teachers
Melissa Jun Rowley, Cisco, The Network, 2017/08/22
This article describes Amy, "an AI-driven, robotic math tutor.... so far, Amy prototype has been trialled in 10 different high schools across New Zealand" (of course, everything is 'AI xdriven' thesde days - web services, coffee makers, shampoo...). The idea i that Amy examines student work and identifies where tghey made theifr mistake. More...

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Dunce’s App

Dunce’s App
Audrey Watters, The Baffler, 2017/08/21
I think it's important to distinguish between 'behaviourism' - the theory that mental states are essentially equivalent to behaviours or (Ryle) dispositions to behave - and 'behaviour management' - methods and tools to encourage correct behaviour. Hero K12, described by Audrey Watters in this post, focuses on the latter. More...

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