06 mai 2018

Re-examining the Trust We Place in EdTech

Screenshot-2018-4-19 Techno-News BlogTechno-News Blog. Tneed to realize that the vetting of edtech products may be minimal to nonexistent. Teacher education programs have not emphasized the factors that should be involved in selecting instructional materials since teachers—especially newer ones—usually relied on well-established textbooks that had been through a thorough review process. More...

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05 mai 2018

Are We Really Ready for Disruption in EdTech?

Screenshot-2018-4-19 Techno-News BlogTechno-News Blog. One of the most recent disruptions in edtech occurred a few years ago when a significant number of US universities began providing full degree programs online for remote learners to access. Though it caused consternation among traditionalists, this change was ultimately a positive one as it widened access to tertiary education and generated a significant amount of additional revenue for universities. More...

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Virtual reality excites Baylor students, professors for the future

Screenshot-2018-4-19 Techno-News BlogTechno-News Blog. Virtual reality, defined as a computer-generated simulation of an interactive three-dimensional environment, has wide potential, from entertainment to education. VR is already in use for general instruction in some college classrooms, and Baylor officials are exploring its potential. More...

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TenMarks to shut down operations after 2018-19 school year

Screenshot-2018-4-19 Techno-News BlogTechno-News Blog. Teachers expressed dismay after the Amazon Education company announced plans to “wind down” its personalized math and writing solutions. The news came as a surprise to K-12 educators who use the program for online, personalized instruction. More...

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Apple Introduces Apple Teacher For Teachers To be Inspired, Build Skills And More

Screenshot-2018-4-19 Techno-News BlogTechno-News Blog. Apart from the hardware and apps which Apple has announced recently, Apple Teacher is an immensely productive tool for teachers. Apple Teacher is basically an online professional learning program for teachers. Teachers will have the ability to improve their teaching through various means. More...

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« Avant 7 ans, les tablettes ne doivent pas être un outil pédagogique, mais juste un jeu »

l'emag de l'educationCe n’est ni blanc, ni noir. Il est possible d’utiliser des écrans très tôt, mais dans un cadre extrêmement limité. Il faut déjà savoir que les enfants n’ont pas besoin de s’initier aux écrans entre 3 et 5 ans. Pour la majorité de ce que l’on attend du développement des apprentissages, il ne s’agit pas du tout d’un atout. Plus...

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04 mai 2018

Case for Linux is a Cultural One - Thus Far

Case for Linux is a Cultural One - Thus Far
The great Linux conversion continues apace, with the latest entry being my Dell Latitude X-200, an ultra-slim and ultra-modern laptop with wireless access built in. This computer became the next choice in much the way the last one did; something didn't work in Windows, so I decided to try it with Linux. The results were the same. More...

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Is Spam Arrest Resorting to... Spamming?

Is Spam Arrest Resorting to... Spamming?
SpamArrest seems like such a cool service. If you send an email to someone using SpamArrent, it directs you to a page (that looks like this) and asks that you type in a word to prove that you're human, and not an automatic emailling program. I was going to list this last week. But it's just as well that I didn't. It turns out that SpamArrest - get ready for it - collects the email addresses of people sending mail verified by the service and sends them spam. More...

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MS patents .Everything

MS patents .Everything

More on the Microsoft .Net patents, discussed yesterday. As the title suggests, this article expresses the concern that the Microsoft patents cut a wide swatch through web services, threatening the entire standards effort. More...

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My Short Life As An Unintentional Spammer

My Short Life As An Unintentional Spammer
The event described in this article has happened to me as well - it's one of the things that happens when your email address is widely posted. More...

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