30 septembre 2018

Purdue University is shutting down Netflix in lecture halls

University Business Magazine logoReason being? They want students to have more reliable connections to academic sites instead. More...

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Comcast's Xfinity On Campus shares viewership info, announces growth

University Business Magazine logoComcast today announced a summary of aggregated viewing data associated with its Xfinity on Campus service that shows live is the preferred method of viewing for college students, followed by video on demand, and then DVR. Students also prefer viewing on laptops over mobile devices and in particular during primetime on Thursday and Sunday. More...

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CYPHER LEARNING releases new features for its products NEO and MATRIX

University Business Magazine logoCYPHER LEARNING, the company that specializes in providing learning platforms for organizations around the world, announced the launch of several new features for its two learning management systems (LMS); NEO, designed for schools and universities, and MATRIX, created for businesses. More...

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Polaris GEM introduces 8 new application-specific packages for college campuses

University Business Magazine logoPublic Safety - Maneuver through tough crowds safely and respond to incidents quickly. Its compact profile and approachable design make this vehicle perfect for college campuses and city centers. More...

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Grant allows college to purchase cutting-edge technology

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College of Coastal Georgia is the proud owner of a new piece of technology that will significantly change the research opportunities for students on campus. More...

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UC San Diego first campus to offer Aira's technology to assist blind, low vision students

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Inspired by a close friend who lost his sight, UC San Diego alumnus Suman Kanuganti built technology that taps cameras on smartphones and smart glasses to help vision impaired people navigate their way through unfamiliar places. More...

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Be a presenter at UBTech 2019

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Share your experience and expertise with hundreds of attendees from across the nation at UBTech 2019, June 10-12 in Orlando. More...

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College admission deans tell students #WhyApply

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Why apply to college? Ideally, it is a question that every high school student will ask, but the reality is much different. For some, attending college is a foregone conclusion—their parents went to college, they have been in a college preparatory curriculum, their friends and neighbors are going to college, the financial resources are available—it is just what is expected. More...

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The impact of disruptive technologies on accounting and auditing education

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The rapid pace of technological change continues to disrupt traditional procedures in all spheres, including the accounting profession. The authors examine the potential effects that disruptive technologies will have on both the profession at large and accounting education specifically. More...

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Dartmouth plans to overhaul its computer use policy

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After a national First Amendment watchdog organization singled Dartmouth College out for a computer use policy it says is too restrictive, a top-level college administrator has announced his plans to unveil a new and improved policy next month. More...

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