24 février 2019

8 Ed Tech Trends to Watch in 2019

Techno-News Blog From artificial intelligence to STEM education, these technologies and topics are worth paying attention to this year.What technologies and trends will have the biggest impact on higher education in the coming year. More...

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13 février 2019

US: fewer int’l grad students in S&E programs

By Kerrie Kennedy. International student enrollment in US graduate science and engineering programs dropped 6% in 2017, a new report from the National Science Board has revealed. More...

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09 février 2019

Cet homme est devenu célèbre parce qu’il enseignait l’informatique, avec presque rien…

logoC’est évidemment dans cette catégorie que je range l’enseignant Owura Kwadwo, également connu sous le nom de Richard Appiah Akoto. Qui est-il ? Qu’a-t-il fait ? me demanderiez-vous certainement. Ce nom apparemment vous est anodin. Les journaux du monde ont répandu son histoire (insolite) comme une trainée de poudre et je me doute bien que vous l’avez écoutée, à un moment ou un autre. Plus...

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08 février 2019

HEIs urged to encourage women in STEM

By Kerrie Kennedy. According to research by Wise Campaign, the number of women graduating in core STEM subjects has grown from 22,020 in 2015-16 to 22,340 in 2016-17. However, due to more rapid growth in the number of men graduating in these subject areas, the percentage of STEM graduates who are women has dropped from 25% to 24%. More...

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02 février 2019

Class of 2019 STEM majors have top salary potential

eCampus NewsBachelor’s degree graduates earning STEM degrees are expected to earn the highest starting salaries from the college class of 2019, according to a new survey from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). More...

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30 janvier 2019

Maths: should English schools look to Switzerland rather than Shanghai for inspiration?

The ConversationWhen it comes to education, how countries rank against each other in league tables has become a big influence on education policy. And one of the biggest rankings is the Programme for International Student Assessment – also known as PISA. More...

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27 janvier 2019

An Overlooked Solution for Diversifying STEM

HomeColleges can dramatically improve success rates of low-income, first-generation students by working across units, argue Adrianna Kezar and Elizabeth Holcombe. More...

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18 janvier 2019

Three cheers for Michael Gove: if he can make Agriculture a STEM subject?

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "hepi"During his session at the annual Oxford Farming Conference (OFC) on January 2nd 2019, Michael Gove mentioned that Agriculture should be considered as a STEM subject. This will be music to the ears of anyone working in the industry or in a university or college serving this sector. More...

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Is your institution supporting #BlackGirlMagic in STEM?

eCampus NewsThe need for more scientists and engineers is a persistent issue plaguing industries throughout the United States, but efforts to prioritize STEM in schools might be falling short when it comes to representation of people of color, according to a University of Missouri researcher. More...

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14 janvier 2019

Immigrants vs. U.S.-Born as STEM Majors

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. Some immigrant children are far more likely to major in math, science or technology fields in college than are those born in the United States, a new study has found. More...

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