06 juin 2014

Les formations scientifiques : enjeux du système éducatif et du marché du travail

« Les formations scientifiques : enjeux du système éducatif et du marché du travail », un billet de Mohamed Harfi, avec la contribution de Sandrine Aboubadra, chargés de mission au département Travail Emploi du Commissariat général à la stratégie et à la prospective.
En France, les résultats du concours de recrutement des enseignants du secondaire (Capes), parus le mardi 29 avril dernier ont surpris : la moitié des postes en mathématiques n’ont pas été pourvus (793 candidats ont été admis pour 1 592 postes). En Europe, on estime qu’une pénurie croissante de travailleurs compétents dans le domaine des TIC engendrerait un déficit de 700 000 professionnels dans ce domaine à l’horizon à 2015. Ces deux exemples traduisent-ils des difficultés globales de la France, voire de l’Europe, à faire face à leurs besoins en personnels scientifiques et techniques ? Si oui, cette situation est-elle la conséquence de flux insuffisants de diplômés issus des formations scientifiques et techniques, ou celle d’un moindre attrait des métiers dans ces domaines ?
Billet – Les formations scientifiques : enjeux du système éducatif et du marché du travail – de Mohamed Harfi avec la contribution de Sandrine Aboubadra [PDF]
Présentation – Les formations scientifiques : enjeux du système éducatif et du marché du travail [PDF]. Voir l'article...

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18 mai 2014

STEM Sells

http://chronicle.com/img/photos/biz/linguafranca-45.pngBy . What’s wrong with American education nowadays?
Take your pick. You can lament lack of support for the humanities, or lack of student interest in science. If you’re concerned about the latter, you have a word for it. An acronym, actually: STEM. It stands for those areas of underinterest to students: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. More...

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17 mai 2014

STEM Degrees In Hand, International Students Face Uncertain Future

http://kbia.org/sites/kbia/themes/station/images/bg-header-kbia.jpgBy . Yinzi Liu sat in the café at Washington University’s Medical School and nervously fiddled with the sleeve on her coffee cup. The 28-year old will graduate tomorrow with a doctorate in developmental, regenerative and stem cell biology.  While earning her degree she spent countless hours glued to a microscope, peering into zebrafish embryos for clues that could one day lead to the early detection of human birth defects. By most accounts she should be brimming with excitement. Instead she’s loaded with anxiety. More...

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10 mai 2014

Women in STEM campaign aims to bridge gender gap

By . The government has launched a campaign to attract more women into careers in science, technology, engineering and maths. The Your Life campaign, launched by Chancellor George Osborne at the Science Museum on May 7, aims to contribute to the government’s aspiration to double the number of female engineering and technology undergraduates by 2030. More...

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Grant panels ‘should have equality training’, says report

By . All members of research council grant awarding boards and panels should have training to avoid unconscious bias. This is a “quick win” that will help tackle inequality in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, according to a report from the Campaign for Science and Engineering. More...

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09 mai 2014

Brian Cox and The Big Bang Theory make STEM 'more appealing'

http://bathknightblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/telegraph-logo.jpgBy Josie Gurney-Read. A new survey suggests that half of young people are more likely to consider STEM subjects thanks to the appeal of Brian Cox and TV show The Big Bang Theory. Read more...

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Schools blighted by 'science deserts', minister warns

http://bathknightblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/telegraph-logo.jpgBy Graeme Paton. A new campaign is launched by George Osborne, the Chancellor, and Elizabeth Truss, the Education Minister, to get more pupils to study science and engineering as it emerges that no girls take physics A-levels in half of mixed schools. Read more...

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03 mai 2014

IIE and Verizon Foundation Launch Verizon Innovative Learning Program

Institute of International EducationActivities Planned to Increase Access to STEM Education and Careers for Girls in India
The Verizon Foundation, in partnership with the Institute of International Education (IIE), has launched a program to increase access to science, technology, engineering and mathematics or STEM education among Indian girls at the secondary school level. The program will provide 200 talented female students in Hyderabad and Chennai and their teachers with innovative tools for teaching and learning about science and mathematics, to prepare the girls for post-secondary education and careers in STEM fields. More...

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25 avril 2014

Why STEM needs a community to succeed

eCampus NewsBy  - . When journalist Judy Woodruff was in college, she wanted to be a mathematician, but a professor discouraged her from pursuing math as a career. “He thought women had no place in advanced mathematics,” Woodruff recalled during the opening keynote of U.S. News and World Report‘s STEM SOLUTIONS conference Wednesday. More...

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22 avril 2014

World Bank to finance advanced STEM education in Africa

By . Nineteen university-based African Centers of Excellence (ACE) across seven African countries will be receiving a combined grant of $150 million (around R1.6 billion) from the World Bank to help in the advancement of STEM education on the continent.
ACEs in Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Benin, Burkina Faso, Gambia, Togo and Cameroon will receiving funding to provide training and higher education to students, faculty and civil servants, equipping these young Africans with new scientific and technical skills. More...

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