12 février 2016

Improving Rates of Success in STEM Fields

By Steven Mintz. What would it take to dramatically improve the success rates of non-traditional students in STEM fields?
One answer is a holistic, multifaceted approach that reimagines every facet of the learning experience, from curriculum design to pedagogy, assessments, and support services. Read more...

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Israeli Universities Get $100 Million for STEM Research

HomeThe businessman and newspaper publisher Mortimer Zuckerman has pledged more than $100 million over 20 years to fund science, technology, engineering and mathematics-related research at four Israeli universities, The Jewish Week reported. Read more...

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Judge Grants Extension of Work Program for International Students

HomeThe regulation governing the STEM OPT program, which grants students studying science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields the right to spend an additional 17 months working in the U.S. on top of the 12 months available to all international students, was set to expire Feb. 12 after a federal judge ruled the regulation invalid on procedural grounds. Read more...

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11 février 2016

'L.A. Math'

HomeBy Josh Logue. Math professor and author discusses new short story collection that blends his discipline with fiction. Read more...

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09 février 2016

Promising Practices for Strengthening the Regional STEM Workforce Development Ecosystem (2016)

The National Academies PressU.S. strength in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines has formed the basis of innovations, technologies, and industries that have spurred the nation’s economic growth throughout the last 150 years. Universities are essential to the creation and transfer of new knowledge that drives innovation. This knowledge moves out of the university and into broader society in several ways – through highly skilled graduates (i.e. human capital); academic publications; and the creation of new products, industries, and companies via the commercialization of scientific breakthroughs. Despite this, our understanding of how universities receive, interpret, and respond to industry signaling demands for STEM-trained workers is far from complete. More...

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Sydney university takes a stand on maths

The University of Sydney will lead the attack on declining standards and falling enrolments in mathematics by requiring students in a range of courses, including science, engineering, commerce and IT, to have passed maths, at minimum of intermediate level, in year 12, writes Tim Dodd for the Financial Review. Read more...

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08 février 2016

The Irony of STEM Funding

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "theatlantic.com"By Alanna Schubach. The $1.5 trillion spending measure that just passed in Congress is particularly good news for the National Institutes of Health (NIH), which will see its budget increase by $2 billion, or 6 percent, the largest increase in over a decade. In recent years, the agency, and the research universities across the country that receive significant funding from it, have struggled with funding cuts and a failure to keep up with inflation that has hindered their work. Read more...

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03 février 2016

US: STEM post-study work curtailment stayed for 90 days

By Beckie Smith. The 17-month extension of a year-long US post-study work programme for STEM graduates will stay in place until May 10, it was announced this week. More...

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Mathematics teacher training programme launched

By Munyaradzi Makoni. Cameroon’s ministries of secondary and higher education and the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences launched a Mathematics Teacher Training Programme in January. The pilot initiative will train some 3,000 maths teachers through three higher education institutions. Read more...

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30 janvier 2016

SigMath - improving job prospects with online maths learning

Fact Sheet: tackling radicalisation through education and youth policyThe Significant Maths for Adults project , which ran from 2012 to 2014, set out with a simple aim: to give adults a second chance to learn maths by harnessing the power of online learning. More...

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