21 avril 2018

Abilene Christian Bans Same-Sex Relationships for Student Employees

HomeBy Grace Bird. Abilene Christian University, a 5,000-student private college in west Texas, this month banned same-sex relationships for student employees, the Texas Tribune reported. More...

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20 avril 2018

‘Gay on God’s Campus’

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. Gay on God's Campus: Mobilizing for LGBT Equality at Christian Colleges and Universities (University of North Carolina Press) explores these trends and the conflicts facing LGBT students and leaders of Christian colleges. More...

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05 avril 2018

Tourisme religieux - Lourdes et Nevers se disputent la dépouille de Bernadette Soubirous

Au-delà des croyances, le tourisme religieux est aussi un enjeu économique. Sur les 89 millions de visiteurs étrangers, environ 20 millions justifient en effet leur voyage par une dimension religieuse (pèlerinage, visite de site religieux...), même s'il est parfois difficile de faire la part entre la foi et l'intérêt pour le patrimoine. Notre-Dame de Paris accueillerait ainsi environ 13 millions de visiteurs, un chiffre toutefois approximatif dans la mesure où les entrées, gratuites, ne sont pas comptabilisées. Même avec une marge d'erreur, ce chiffre représente plus du double de la tour Eiffel (payante) et classe la cathédrale au second rang des sites français les plus visités, après... Disneyland Paris. Dans ces conditions, on comprend mieux l'enjeu de l'opposition récurrente entre Lourdes et Nevers autour de la dépouille de Bernadette Soubirous, qui vient d'être récemment relancée. Plus...

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25 mars 2018

A Conservative Underground Surfaces at a Christian University

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. An anonymous newsletter, spread all over campus, accuses Taylor University of being "permissive" on sexuality and insufficiently supportive of creationism. More...

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22 mars 2018

Internet Filters Shouldn't Bring Religious Bias

Internet Filters Shouldn't Bring Religious Bias
As schools increasingly turn to online resources the question of filtering inappropriate resources is inevitable. But, according to the author, some schools, by turning over filtering to private agencies, are transgressing the limits established by the various book banning cases of the last few decades. More...

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16 mars 2018

Islamic university bans burqas on campus

By Maina Waruru. An Indonesian state Islamic university faced criticism from Muslim groups and activists last week after it banned female students from wearing full-face veils citing fears over the spread of radical ideology on the campus, reports ReutersMore...

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15 mars 2018

Review of Religious Freedom (Advocate 25 01)

NTEU’s submission rejects and opposes any further legislative changes to protect religious freedoms at the expense of human rights. The Union has also called for any further questions about balance in the protection of human rights to be depoliticised, and framed by the introduction of a National Human Rights Bill. More...

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25 février 2018

What possible evidence does Ofsted chief have to suggest religious extremists are ‘perverting’ education?

The ConversationOnly a few years ago, much the same was being claimed as part of the Trojan Horse scandal in which a group of conservative Muslims were accused of working to take over a number of schools in Birmingham. More...

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More Religion, Politics and the University

By Eboo Patel. This week for our course Religion, Politics and the University, my colleague John Inazu and I taught parts of George Marsden’s classic text, The Soul of the American University. Marsden claims that American universities were largely built by “men who came of age during the earthshaking national conflict (the civil war) and who inherited a sense of calling to serve God and nation in a cultural mission who founded and defined American universities.” This was the case both for private colleges that took as a principal purpose Christian formation and also public universities. More...

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09 février 2018

Pope issues new education standards for future priests

Catholic university programmes in philosophy, theology and canon law – especially those designed for future priests – must be marked by fidelity to church tradition, academic rigour and an awareness of the challenges to belief in the modern world, Pope Francis has said, writes Cindy Wooden for Catholic News ServiceMore...

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