07 décembre 2014

Books or Articles on Academic Change?

By Joshua Kim. I’m looking for books or articles on academic change.  Can you help?
The sort of books or articles that I’m looking for will hopefully cover the following ground:
Why:  Why do our higher education institutions even need to change?  This may be a hard question to answer in an industry as diverse as postsecondary education. Read more...

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Why You (Yes, You!) Should Write Book Reviews

HomeBy Casey Brienza. The conventional wisdom is that graduate students shouldn’t take time to write academic book reviews. There’s just not enough in it for them, the thinking goes. Read more...

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Einstein for Everyone

HomeBy Carl Straumsheim. The Einstein Papers Project, the decades-long effort to compile and preserve the scientist’s professional work and personal writings, is today opening to the public as a free searchable database containing thousands of documents. Read more...

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In a Move Toward Open Access, ‘Nature’ Allows Widespread Article Sharing


subscribe todayBy Paul Basken. Nature, one of the world’s most-cited scientific publications, took a step toward open access on Tuesday by granting its subscribers and journalists wide authority to let outside readers view its articles at no cost.
Under the new policy, subscribers to 49 journals published by the Nature Publishing Group and collected on Nature’s website can create and share links to full-text versions of all of that content. More...


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06 décembre 2014

Nature publisher allows research paper sharing

By . The publisher of science journal Nature has launched a new initiative that will let subscribers share research papers for free. More...

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World’s oldest scientific journal is focus of new exhibition

By . A new exhibition offers a glimpse “behind the scenes of the process of science journalism and publishing” over 350 years. More...

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04 décembre 2014

Peer review and its discontents - Accepting alternative ways to communicate our research

By Alan Maceachern. As I recently read through external reviewers’ reports of a submission to a book series I edit, my horror mounted. A reviewer, exhausted after three pages of scathing prose, had resorted to quoting sentences from the manuscript and appending mocking asides. A quote, and then “(Yawn).” A quote, and then “(Giggle, perhaps!)” More...

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26 novembre 2014

Journal Accepts Profanity-Laden Joke Paper

HomeThe paper was written in 2005 and never meant for publication. But it appears “Get Me Off Your Fucking Mailing List” has found a potential spot in the International Journal of Advanced Computer Technology. Although the paper consists of just those seven words, over and over again, a journal review form states that the submission from Peter Vamplew, associate professor of engineering at IT at Australia’s Federation University, is “excellent.” Thing is, Vamplew didn’t write the paper; he merely forwarded a copy of the bogus article written by two other, now-associate professors of computer science, David Mazieres, of Stanford University, and Eddie Kohler, of Harvard University. Read more...

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25 novembre 2014

The Use of Fair Use

HomeBy Carl Straumsheim. The Association of American Publishers made its appeal to a U.S. House of Representatives subcommittee on Wednesday during a hearing on fair use and access for the visually impaired. The second topic, however, was somewhat overshadowed by the ongoing legal disputes over what colleges and universities can and cannot do with copyrighted works. Read more...

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23 novembre 2014

New scientometrics centre connects science to society

By Munyaradzi Makoni. The Centre of Excellence in Scientometrics and Science, Technology and Innovation Policy – SciSTIP – outlined fields of research and how it will carry out its work at a scientific launch conference held at Stellenbosch University in South Africa earlier this month. A major aim is to produce comprehensive reviews of science and technology – the first in 20 years. Read more...

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