19 juin 2017

New guidelines set high publishing bar for academics

By Wachira Kigotho. Kenya’s Commission for University Education has issued stringent new guidelines for the appointment and promotion of academic staff in a system that gives heavy emphasis to publication in reputable, peer-reviewed journals and discourages publication in so-called predatory journals. While the move is intended to raise academic standards, it has also raised concerns about the hurdles to publication facing many Kenyan academics. More...

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08 juin 2017

First ‘Monument to an Anonymous Peer Reviewer’

A Monument to an Anonymous Peer Reviewer – believed to be the world’s first – has been unveiled at top Russian institution the National Research University Higher School of Economics or HSE in Moscow. More...

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06 juin 2017

HEP 30/2 vient de paraître

Le deuxième numéro de HEP en 2017 vient de paraître; ce numéro présente de nombreux articles sur de divers thèmes, y compris le financement des universités en Géorgie par un système de bons d'achat, la collaboration entre les ONG et des établissement en Afrique et la santé mentale des étudiants aux Etats-Unis. Voir l'article...

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Volume 22, numéro 1 de AIU Horizons vient de paraître !

Volume 22, numéro 1 de AIU Horizons est téléchargeable ici - en anglais
Publié 2 fois par an, il présente: les activités de l'AIU, les futurs événements de l'Association et projets en cours ; les retours sur les participations AIU aux Conférences et autres Forums internationaux ; des nouvelles de nos Membres ; les nouvelles Publications et le calendrier des réunions.
Ce numéro vous propose 12 papiers sur le thème de: La CORRUPTION EN ENSEIGNEMENT SUPERIEUR. Voir l'article...

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Volume 22, issue 1 of IAU Horizons available online!

IAU Horizons, Volume 22, issue 1 is out!
Please download it hereIt presents IAU projects and initiatives, focuses on the preparations for the IAU 2017 International Conference and the Global Meeting of Association VII; provides a report on the 15th General Conference; details results and opportunities linked to the IAU key thematic priorities of work; presents the new Members and the various projects IAU is involved in.
The In Focus Section offers 12 papers on « CORRUPTION IN HIGHER EDUCATION ». More...

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HEP 30/2 - Just released

The latest issue of HEP in 2017 presents a number of articles looking at various issues in higher education worldwide. Topics include financeing universities through vouchers in the Republic of Georgia, collaboration between NGOs and national knowledge institutes in Africa, and mental health issues in US higher education. More...

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05 juin 2017

Research digest for practitioners: May 2017

By . This month's Journal of Studies in International Education addresses topics from Germany and Portugal to Iraq to Korea and Malaysia. Articles focus in on the subject of student mobility and address such topics as the push-pull factors of international students, discrimination of mobile students, perceived risks of studying abroad, national evolution of student mobility, and low rates of student mobility in specific programmes. More...

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Science Europe: The Need for 'Diamond Engagement' around Open Access to High Quality Research Output

A new Opinion Paper has been published today by Science Europe’s Scientific Committee for the Social Sciences. The publication, entitled ‘The Need for ‘Diamond Engagement’ around Open Access to High Quality Research Output’, addresses two audiences: scientists, especially those who have been traditionally more resistant to the OA approach, and policy makers. In it, the Scientific Committee for Social Sciences proposes a ‘Diamond Engagement’ concept with the three key principles: Partnership; Standardisation and Interoperability; and Enabling Structures. read more. More...

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ADEF - ACADIS Team - Scientific Publications

The team's international publications are in line with the current state of our collaborations. We note that Spanish is just as present as English. This no doubt demonstrates an orientation towards a world of great importance. However, we have more difficulty when it comes to our relationship with the countries of northern Europe, or those who have taken on board the fact that English is the European language of science. We have a proactive policy on this issue. We cannot continue, as it has been the case so far, to limit ourselves to isolated instances of publications in special issues of international journals. Our stated goal is to publish in English, including in French journals. The challenge here is to open the scientific debate with the English-speaking scientific community in Europe. We will therefore work with an established English mother tongue translator so that he can enable us, collectively, to enter into the debates concerning us and so that he can follow, with us, the development of the references we will learn to share. More...

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