11 février 2016

Higher Ed Overhaul Unlikely in 2016

HomeBy Michael Stratford. Lawmakers and observers alike are skeptical that the Higher Education Act will be renewed this year. Read more...

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08 février 2016

4 Trends Shaping Higher Education in 2016

EdSurge LogoBy Tim Coley. With each new year come new promises of technology disruptions in higher education. In 2015, we saw  record investment in edtech; and competency-based education programs gained momentum with colleges and universities. What changes will 2016 bring. Read more...

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What's Hot, What's Not in 2016

By Greg Thompson. With numerous studies and reports showing that personal tablet and smartphone ownership continues to grow for students, it makes sense that school districts are continuing to explore ways to have students use these devices as learning tools — whether at school, at home or both. However, many schools around the country still lack the WiFi connectivity necessary to truly realize the potential of mobile devices for learning. Read more...

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30 janvier 2016

La nuit des idées, le mercredi 27 janvier - Penser le monde de demain

Campus FranceÀ l’initiative de M. Laurent Fabius, ministre des Affaires étrangères et du Développement international et organisée par l’Institut français, la première « NUIT DES IDEES » réunit certaines des plus grandes voix françaises et étrangères de la pensée contemporaine. La NUIT DES IDEES se tiendra dans les salons du Quai d’Orsay le mercredi 27 janvier à partir de 18h jusqu’à 2h du matin. Voir l'article...

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Time to think about the schools of tomorrow

By Brian Keeley. Today’s schools are very different from those your grandparents went to. That’s not too surprising – education constantly evolves in response to social, economic and cultural shifts. So what about the schools of tomorrow – what will they teach, who will their students be and how will they learn? To start thinking about the answers to some of these questions, try taking this quiz drawn from the latest edition of the OECD’s Trends Shaping Education. More...

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A very Happy New Year from everyone at EUA!

EUA wishes all its newsletter readers a very happy and successful 2016. We have many exciting events and project-related activities planned for the coming months.
These include EUA’s Annual Conference that will take place at the National University of Ireland in Galway from 7 to 8 April. Under the title “Bricks and clicks for Europe: building a successful digital campus” the conference will explore how Europe’s universities are developing comprehensive “bricks and clicks” strategies and EUA members are also encouraged to attend the EUA General Assembly prior to the main conference. More...

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24 janvier 2016

Futur n+1 : les 5 facteurs clé

http://blog.educpros.fr/fiorina/wp-content/themes/longbeach_jfiorina/longbeach/images/img01.jpgBlog Educpros de Jean-François Fiorina. Loin d’être de la science fiction, quatre (r)évolutions majeures vont marquer notre futur proche et celui de l’école. Au fil de mes réflexions, lectures, rencontres, j’en ai sélectionné 5 dont les impacts seront – à mon sens – les plus significatifs : les objets connectés, les robots, la réalité augmentée, les neuro sciences et le big data. Des enjeux qui imposent de longues préparations, pour nous établissements, alors que les cycles de vie de ces nouveaux outils pédagogiques sont de plus en plus courts. Suite de l'article...

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9 Ed Tech Trends to Watch in 2016

http://people.uis.edu/rschr1/wp-content/themes/default/images/kubrickheader.jpgHigher Ed Tech News and Research ~ Ray Schroeder, editor. Four technology and innovation experts discuss the hottest trends in higher ed tech this year. What should be on your education technology radar. More...

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6 digital trends for higher ed in 2016

University Business Magazine logoBy Karine Joly. Targeted marketing, digital assistants and drones will pay a part in higher ed’s internet mix. More...

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23 janvier 2016

Initiative aims to boost female leadership

eCampus NewsBy . A new initiative aims to ensure that, by 2030, half of U.S. college and university chief executives are women. More...

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