12 novembre 2016

The Promise and Peril of Predictive Analytics in Higher Education - A Landscape Analysis

Predictive analytics--using massive amounts of historical data to predict future events--is a practice that’s making it easier and faster for colleges to decide which students to enroll and how to get them to graduation. But using data in this way may make decision-making processes harder, not easier. That’s because predictive analytics can aid in discriminatory practices, make institutional practices less transparent, and make vulnerable individuals’ data privacy and security.
In a new paper, The Promise and Peril of Predictive Analytics in Higher Education: A Landscape Analysis, authors Manuela Ekowo and Iris Palmer describe how predictive analytics are used in higher education to identify students who need extra support, steer students in courses they will do well in, and provide digital tools that can customize the learning process for individual students. The paper also outlines the ethical concerns involved in using data to make predictions and its impact on underrepresented students. More...

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11 novembre 2016

New America Paper on Predictive Analytics

HomeBy Paul Fain. New America today released a paper that analyzes the use of data to predict student success, so-called predictive analytics. Read more...

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09 novembre 2016

Is CBE the future of higher education? Study says too early to tell

http://people.uis.edu/rschr1/wp-content/themes/default/images/kubrickheader.jpgHigher Ed Tech News and Research ~ Ray Schroeder, editor. A new study from the American Institutes for Research outlines the profile of students in competency-based education programs and how they are engaged to participate in the curriculum. More...

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02 novembre 2016

Education 2030 to focus on regional cooperation and student empowerment

ESU OnlineAttended by governmental representatives from Europe and North America, NGOs, and civil society representatives, the meeting was an opportunity, a year since the introduction of the goals, to assess and monitor governmental progress against the targets, and propose recommendations to strengthen regional cooperation. Discussions took place on the thematic areas that are priorities for the region, including the quality of education, skills and competencies, global citizenship education and education for refugees and migrants. More...

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Can African agriculture significantly contribute towards feeding the world by 2050 and beyond?

There are growing concerns about the world feeding itself in 2050 and beyond, and many consider that Africa has the potential to positively impact this enormous, though not insurmountable, challenge. Is this wishful thinking or reality based on the success stories of agricultural production and productivity on the African continent. More...

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Classroom of the future takes learning to new levels

By Paul Rigg. For the first time in Europe, a 'WOW Room', featuring a 45 square metre video wall, is available for faculty and dozens of university students around the world to interact in a single class. Read more...

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01 novembre 2016

Future of jobs and skills at heart of Cedefop – UNESCO global conference

Home Global trends and local challenges in matching skills to the changing job market were examined at a joint Cedefop – UNESCO conference at the UNESCO headquarters, in Paris on 20 and 21 October. More...

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École du futur : 25 tweets à lire avant qu’il ne soit trop tard ?

http://blog.educpros.fr/fiorina/wp-content/themes/longbeach_jfiorina/longbeach/images/img01.jpgBlog Educpros de Jean-François Fiorina. Trois ou quatre fois par an, je partage ma revue de tweets – et de presse – sur les questions de l’école et de la pédagogie du futur (voir ma dernière synthèse en mai 2016). Je constate actuellement quatre tendances. Voir l'article...

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30 octobre 2016

PRiME workshop on PostHumanism and Resilience thinking robots @OUUK @robotics

Inge Ignatia de WaardBy Inge Ignatia de Waard. Today I have the pleasure of attending the Posthuman Resilience in Major Emergencies (PRiME) networking event organised by the OU, UK. This is definitely a timely event as it launches a constructive idea exchange with regard to what we need to think about to enable societies to be resilient in case of major emergencies. Read more...

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24 octobre 2016

We Higher Ed Futurists and Gleick's Gorgeous 'Time Travel'

By Joshua Kim. We are all higher ed futurists now. 
What I mean is that all of us - or at least all of us working at the intersection of learning and technology - have at least one of our feet firmly planted in the future. More...

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