21 décembre 2016

Competitiveness and strong vocational qualifications: replicating the past or looking to the future?

HomeAt a seminar jointly organised by Cedefop and the Slovak EU Presidency on 13 December in Brussels, experts and Brussels-based stakeholders discussed key challenges related to the strengthening of vocational education and training (VET). More...

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18 décembre 2016

Universités & Territoires n° 114 - Panorama et prospectives des schémas d’ESR

Universités & TerritoiresUniversités & Territoires est une lettre électronique qui existe depuis juin 2003. L’objectif de la lettre est de montrer, par la valorisation d’actions et d’expériences emblématiques et remarquables, aux décideurs territoriaux que l’Université joue un rôle centrale dans l’émergence d’une société de la connaissance. Universités & Territoires n° 114.

Panorama et prospectives des schémas d’ESR - Universités & Territoires n° 114
Animée par Brigitte Bariol de la FNAU, cette première table ronde réunissait Alain Abecassis, chef du service de la coordination des stratégies d’ESR au ministère de l’ESR, Yasmine Darmante, directrice ESRI à Bordeaux Métropole, Olivier Pujolar, vice-président de l’Université de Bordeaux responsable des partenariats, Valérie Debord, vice-présidente ESR de la région Grand-Est et Charles-Louis Molgo, sous-directeur des mutations économiques, de l’emploi et de l’innovation au Commissariat Général à l’Égalité des Territoires. Voir la suite dans Universités & Territoires n°114 (Format PDF).

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What will higher ed IT look like in 2020?

eCampus NewsBy Thomas Goldrick. The future of Higher Education is a popular topic of discussion among academics and administrative staff alike. But, while there are plenty of differing positions about what will facilitate the most important changes in the next few years, there seems to be a consensus that technology will be leading the charge. More...

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08 décembre 2016

Universities call to simplify Horizon 2020 where it matters most

EUA has been actively participating in the policy dialogue on simplification, advocating for real, beneficiary-focused improvement of the implementation procedures. Based on its recent member consultation, which paid special attention to the application, evaluation, funding and reporting matters, EUA can provide further core evidence to this debate. More...

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Horizon 2020 and beyond: EUA’s vision for the next Framework Programme

The capacity of universities to stimulate and foster a culture of innovation through the creation of new knowledge sustains the entire gamut of innovation and its benefits for society. As demonstrated by the results of the EUA member consultation for the mid-term review of Horizon 2020, the previous and current EU Framework Programmes for Research and Innovation have made a major contribution to building critical mass, addressing discrepancies in Europe, and boosting cutting-edge research and innovation. More...

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National governments need to invest in efficiency of Horizon 2020

While the attractiveness of the programme is complex and multi-layered, one of the most important aspects to consider is the national funding situation. EUA is in the unique position to link its member consultation feedback analysis with the EUA Public Funding Observatory data, which reveals that universities that see national funding opportunities go down are more attracted by the programme, but tend to be less successful in their bids to Horizon 2020. This result needs to be considered by national funders in their future investment strategies. More...

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Norwegian University of Science and Technology: Horizon 2020 is a key priority, but high TRLs are a concern

For the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), participation in Horizon 2020 is a number one priority. The framework programme gives us the opportunity to collaborate with excellent research and innovation actors in Europe and beyond in cross-sectoral teams. Participation benchmarks our research and innovation activities both in terms of quality and relevance. It gives us the opportunity to contribute to research-based solutions to the challenges that Europe and the international community face, be it in energy, environment or in health. More...

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07 décembre 2016

NZ: PTEs, schools drive value growth closer to 2025 targets

By Anton Crace. The value of New Zealand’s international education industry is closing in on its NZ$5bn target almost a decade earlier than expected, according to a new report released by Education New Zealand. More...

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Aus: QLD aims to double int’l students by 2026

By Anton Crace. Queensland’s new international education strategy aims to double the number of international students studying in the state to over 190,000 by 2026. More...

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05 décembre 2016

How will universities survive in tomorrow’s world?

By María Elena Hurtado. “I would like my university to have a presence in the first space station to Mars,” declared Santiago Iñiguez, president of IE University, Spain, projecting his university into the future. Read more...

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