07 janvier 2019

‘Safety first’ say international students – Intead/FPP study

By Claudia Civinini. A major jump in students flagging up safety concerns as influencing their study abroad decisions has been noted in a new report by Intead and FPP EDU Media. More...

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How can small colleges survive the 21st century?

eCampus NewsSmall colleges are struggling more than ever. What can be done. More...

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05 janvier 2019

The Future 4.0 University

Screenshot-2018-4-19 Techno-News BlogTechno-News Blog. “Education needs to be aligned with the fundamental changes in the nature of work and address the issue of employability”, excogitated Albert Einstein. The concept of what a University ought to be has changed over a period of last 50 decades. More...

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14 Predictions About The Future Of AI And VR

Screenshot-2018-4-19 Techno-News BlogTechno-News Blog. These days, staying up to date on cutting-edge technologies is critical to company relevancy. For example, recent advances in artificial intelligence and virtual reality have made major waves in the way some businesses operate. More...

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Formation, apprentissage : ce qui change en 2019

C2RP Carif-Oref Hauts-de-FranceFinancement forfaitaire des contrats d'apprentissage, CPF en euros : la loi avenir professionnel entre dans le dur dès le 1er janvier 2019. Plus...

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23 décembre 2018

Technological change raises the stakes for action to leave no one behind

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "oecd-development-matters.org"The 2030 Agenda presents a historic opportunity to set the world on track to a sustainable future. In twelve years’ time, a litmus test for its success will be: have we made good on the promise to ‘leave no one behind’? The answer will depend, in some measure, on our responses to the fourth industrial revolution. More...

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21 décembre 2018

5 approaches will shape higher ed’s future—which will you follow?

eCampus NewsFive specific approaches could help address new realities of and demands on public higher education, according to a new report. More...

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Future shock: Is higher education ready for the impact?

University Business Magazine logoIndustries, companies and governments are retooling for the future, driven by the sustainability imperatives of climate change; resource, food and water scarcity; social polarization and rising income inequality. More...

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20 décembre 2018

Four keys to staying employed in the future

University Business Magazine logoThe world of work is changing at unprecedented rates. In the United States, only 27 percent of people work in the field in which they majored in college. More...

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16 décembre 2018

The Non-Disruptions

http://www.insidehighered.com/sites/default/server_files/styles/blog_landing/public/JustVisitingLogo_white.jpg?itok=K5uvzo_-By John Warner. In 2012, Sebastain Thrun, co-founder of Udacity, declared “In 50 years, there will be only 10 institutions in the world delivering higher education.”
If this is to come true, it seems clear that Udacity isn’t going to be one of them, not just because they’re shedding employees, but because Udacity continues to “pivot” away from education and towards corporate training, helping companies “upscale their talent” in Thrun’s parlance. More...

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