31 janvier 2020

2020: the year of value?

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "hepi"While there are always plenty of topics to be grappling with in higher education, there tends to be one issue that dominates the discussion. For 2019 this was the Augar review, despite the fact the independent panel was originally due to report in 2018. Throughout the year those of us working in higher education considered the impact of the Office for National Statistics’ (ONS) decision to change the accounting rule around student loans, speculated on the rumoured changes such as removing student loans for those with less than 3 Ds at A-level, pored over the report and then waited to see whether the Government would pick up the recommendations. More...

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30 janvier 2020

The next decade of disruption in education? Unlocking networks

Techno-News BlogWho students know matters!  The power of connections is evident to any adult who has benefited from a friend or acquaintance helping him find a job along his professional path. More...

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20 edtech predictions for higher ed in 2020

Techno-News BlogWe asked educators, edtech executives and stakeholders to look to the future and share their thoughts and predictions about what trends will be most prominent in 2020. More...

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The Decade Great Education Became More Available

Techno-News BlogWhen I think back on the decade, one area of the tech industry stands out as having made big strides on a long-held dream: education. One of the great promises of the information age was that it would usher in an era where nearly anyone around the globe could have access to some of the best teachers and educational resources. More...

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Doing All the Things in 2020

Tips for getting organized and being strategic.
This is the time of year when many of us are regrouping and getting ready for the spring semester. More...

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4 Worries About Higher Education in the 2020s

By Edward J. Maloney and Joshua Kim. Intensifying inequality, continued public disinvestment, challenges to master’s programs and a shift away from learning innovation. More...

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2020s -- the Decade of AI and Quantum

HomeBy Ray Schroeder. We are entering the decade of AI and quantum environments that will reshape higher education. More...

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The Future of Integrated Learning Organizations

By John Kroger. The most interesting thing about my new job as the inaugural chief learning officer of the United States Navy and Marine Corps is the opportunity to build a truly integrated learning organization. More...

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Plotting the Future of Your Online Program

HomeBy Ray Schroeder. We are in the midst of a major shake-up in higher education. Dozens of colleges have closed in the past couple of years (hundreds if you include failed for-profit chains). The closure parade is growing so fast that Education Dive is maintaining a running list of closures. Meantime, mega-universities have emerged with large online initiatives that have impacted the entire field. More...

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29 janvier 2020

Future of the Academy

HomeBy Madeline St. Amour. At the annual meeting of the Association of American Colleges and Universities, academics discussed how to rethink the academy and how to separate it from the university. More...

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