02 avril 2016

Free E-book: The Secret to Student Success

eCampus News75% of the country now bases funding on performance. Download this free Ebook, written by student retention specialist Terianne Sousa, and learn how to create and implement a successful Student…

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28 mars 2016

Lumina Releases Papers on Performance-Based Funding

HomeThe Lumina Foundation on Thursday released a second batch of white papers on performance-based funding in higher education. Read more...

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23 mars 2016

Improved fuzzy modelling to predict the academic performance of distance education students

International Review of Research in Open and Distributed LearningIt is essential to predict distance education students’ year-end academic performance early during the course of the semester and to take precautions using such prediction-based information. This will, in particular, help enhance their academic performance and, therefore, improve the overall educational quality. More...

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22 mars 2016

Comparison of course completion and student performance through online and traditional courses

International Review of Research in Open and Distributed LearningEnrollment in online courses has outpaced overall university enrollment for the past several years. The growth of online courses does not appear to be slowing. The purpose of this study was to compare course completion and student academic performance between online and traditional courses. Archival data from the host university student records system was collected using the Structured Query Language. More...

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Colleges face penalties over ‘poor performance’

Three colleges which have performed poorly in a new assessment process for the higher education sector face financial penalties running into hundreds of thousands of euro, writes Carl O’Brien for The Irish Times. Read more...

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01 mars 2016

Transforming Performance-Based Funding to Celebrate Institutional Differences

The EvoLLLutionBy Sally McRorie. Many proponents of improved innovation and accountability in higher education bang the drum loudly when it comes to the adoption of performance-based funding. However, the short-term factors measured by many funding mechanisms may lead to unforeseen changes that diminish the diversity of public higher education. More...

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The Effects of Linguistic Qualifiers and Intensifiers on Group Interaction and Performance

International Review of Research in Open and Distributed LearningThis study tested the effects of linguistic qualifiers and intensifiers on the number and types of replies elicited per argument and per challenge posted in online debates. To facilitate collaborative argumentation, thirty-two students (22 females, 10 males) enrolled in a graduate-level online course classified and labeled their messages as arguments, challenges, supporting evidence, or explanations prior to posting each message. More...

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10 février 2016

Better Data Are Key to Improved Performance by Students and Colleges

http://chronicle.com/img/photos/biz/Ticker%20revised%20round%2045.gifBy . As college costs and student-debt levels continue to rise, the public and policy makers are increasingly demanding evidence of a return on their investment. Yet, says a new report from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, consumers lack critical information that would help them answer the trillion-dollar question “Is college worth it?” More...

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09 janvier 2016

Évaluation de la performance : la fin annoncée de l’entretien annuel

logo Entreprise & CarrièresPar Nicolas Lagrange. Depuis quelques mois, un nombre croissant de grandes entreprises remplacent l’entretien annuel de performance par des rendez-vous plus fréquents, sans notation. Analyse des raisons de ce bouleversement culturel. Voir l'article...

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05 janvier 2016

How U.S. Fares Globally on Higher Ed Measures

HomeThe United States spends more money per student on higher education than any of the other developed countries in the Group of 20, while its performance on many attainment measures does not lead the pack, a new report from the National Center for Education Statistics shows. Read more...

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