02 août 2018

Crown Prince Pushes Change in Saudi Higher Education

Al Fanar

“We will close the gap between the outputs of higher education and the requirements of the job market.”
That statement—repeated often in many Arab countries—is one of the goals in Vision 2030, the policy program of Mohammad bin Salman, Saudi Arabia’s crown prince and the country’s ruler in all but name. The program is focused on the two-thirds of the country’s population who are under the age of 30. More...

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Somaliland Uses Phones to Help Improve Schools

Al Fanar

Around the world, teachers discourage their pupils from using their cellphones in class, fearing that the devices distract from students’ education.
But in Africa, phones are playing a vital role in expanding access to education.

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A Scholar Says Archaeology Could Benefit Jordan

Al Fanar

Mohammed Waheeb, the Jordanian scholar who discovered what is known as the Baptism Site of Jesus Christ, listed on the UNESCO Heritage List in 2015, speaks simply as if he were a storyteller instead of a professor. More...

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War Worsens Plight of Disabled Students in Yemen

Al Fanar

Yemeni students with disabilities, like their peers in most Arab countries, have long faced numerous difficulties enrolling in universities and getting jobs in their chosen fields. For Yemenis with disabilities today, however, the disruptions caused by years of conflict between government and rebel troops and all-out war since 2015 have increased their suffering and prevented many from pursuing their university studies. More...

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Protests Disrupt Universities in Algeria and Tunisia

Al Fanar

Most Arab university students are wrapping up their final examinations. But in Algeria and Tunisia, a months-long series of protests and strikes against education policies have completely disrupted the academic year, exams included. More...

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Think Tank Pioneers Evidence-Based Policy in Sudan

Al Fanar

As Sudan emerges from a 20-year period of international isolation, a new think tank—a rarity here—is dedicated to improving public policy in the country and to training young specialists in economic development.. More...

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An Archaeology Project Connects Young Qataris to Their Past

Al Fanar

In the Qatari coastal village of Fuwairit, an hour’s drive north of Doha, a team of archaeologists is carrying out surface mapping and excavation and collecting data about regional trade and household activities. More...

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Future-proof your college before it’s too late

eCampus NewsIn any ecosystem, if one waits long enough, eventually a cataclysmic disruption occurs. Examples range from ice ages to digital cameras and mobile phones. When an environment becomes out of balance or a system is too reliant on archaic technology, something never-before-seen will come and change the game. More...

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Here’s what makes students 200 percent more likely to pass

eCampus NewsA new study indicates that students who engage with digital learning tools are dramatically more likely to pass their courses. More...

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How to better support international students

eCampus News3 ways the University of Delaware provides state-of-the-art student support for its growing international student population. More...

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