26 septembre 2018

'Temp' and the Lean University

By Joshua Kim. How are the gig economy and the ascension of contingent faculty related? 
What do term-appointed academic jobs, corporate consultants, and permanent temps have to do with each other. More...

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Applying 'Winners Take All' To Higher Ed

By Joshua Kim. Grappling with some uncomfortable ideas from a provocative book. More...

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Are OKC Academics Reading 'Boom Town'?

By Joshua Kim. There are 18 public and private institutions of higher education within a 70 miles radius of Oklahoma City. The largest universities are the University of Oklahoma (enrollment ~24,00) in Norman (21 miles from downtown OKC), and  Oklahoma State University (enrollment ~25,000) in Stillwater (67 miles from downtown OKC). In Oklahoma City, there is the private Oklahoma City University (enrollment ~3,000), Oklahoma City Community College (enrollment ~15,000), and OSU-OKC, a branch campus of Oklahoma State University (enrollment ~8,000). More...

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5 Surprising Conclusions from Woodward's ‘Fear'

By Joshua Kim. All of them worrying.
Fear: Trump in the White House by Bob Woodward. More...

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Displaying Diplomas in Campus Offices

By Joshua Kim. Are your diplomas hung up in your campus office?
Will we find your framed sheepskins displayed on one of your office walls. More...

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When Your Spouse's Academic Career Zooms

By Joshua Kim. How many of you are married/partnered with another higher ed person? Are you also part of a dual-academic household. More...

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A Thoroughly Depressing 'Sugar, The World Corrupted’

By Joshua Kim. A book for those who love historical food biographies and micro-histories. More...

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Mixed Feelings About the Audible Only 'The Coming Storm’

By Joshua Kim. What to make of the latest creation from Michael Lewis? Is it a book? A program? An example of long-form journalism? A artifact of digital content. More...

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Is NYTimes Correct That College Students Don't Read Books?

By Joshua Kim. This certainly doesn’t track with what I see each day on my campus. My office happens to be located in our main library, which on my campus is also center of all student life. More...

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Audiobooks for College Students?: A Q&A With the Co-Founder of Libro.fm

By Joshua Kim. How should higher education approach audiobooks, and what are the alternatives to Audible / Amazon. More...

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