30 septembre 2018

Tempe's $199M streetcar project on right track

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Work is rolling forward on the $199 million Tempe Streetcar. Much of the project funding comes from federal, regional and local funds. About $13 million will be from a public-private partnership between the city, Arizona State University and property owners. More...

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Full loan relief rare for students at for-profit colleges

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The Trump administration is granting only partial loan forgiveness to the vast majority of students approved for help because of fraud by for-profit colleges, according to preliminary Education Department data obtained by The Associated Press. More...

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Gale transforms digital humanities research with launch of Digital Scholar Lab

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Gale, a Cengage company, is changing the way scholars and students access and analyze raw text data. Gale’s Digital Scholar Lab, a cloud-based research environment launched by the company today, allows students and researchers to apply natural language processing tools to raw text data (OCR) from Gale Primary Sources archives in a single research platform. More...

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Jumbotron crashes onto basketball court at George Washington University

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A Jumbotron crashed onto the basketball court at George Washington University's Charles E. Smith Center in D.C. on Tuesday. More...

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Free tuition program expands

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When Williamsburg Technical College was selected to be the first to host the S.C. Promise scholarship program, the idea was to eventually expand it to every technical college. That dream has come to fruition. More...

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Hurricane Florence rewrites college football schedule

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No recent college football season has passed without a natural disaster impacting the schedule. We’ve scarcely been able to make it through a weekend in the 2018 season without inclement weather affecting — or canceling — games. More...

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Poor students rarely see dollars from free college programs

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"FREE" OR "DEBT-FREE" college is a common rally cry among progressive candidates, and over the summer Democratic members of Congress introduced a sweeping higher education proposal that would make college debt-free. More...

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House passes bill on student aid counseling

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The House on Wednesday passed a bipartisan bill to improve financial aid counseling for students who receive a Pell Grant or federal student loan. The Empowering Students Through Enhanced Financial Counseling Act (HR 1635) would require annual student aid counseling with students and parents and to get their consent that they understand their financial obligations before receiving a federal student loan. More...

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Minnesota State selects SkillSurvey’s online reference checking solution

University Business Magazine logoSkillSurvey, the leading provider of online reference checking, today announced that Minnesota State, the fourth largest public university system in the U.S. with 30 state colleges, 7 state universities and 54 campuses statewide, has selected SkillSurvey’s online reference checking and sourcing solutions to increase recruiting efficiency and learn more about their candidate’s past job performance before hiring. More...

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WVU working to improve rural STEM education

University Business Magazine logoThanks to the new First2 STEM Success Alliance, the West Virginia University Center for Excellence in STEM Education (WVU CE-STEM) has partnered with other in-state educational entities to improve enrollment and retention in this important field. More...

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