01 octobre 2018

Canadian University Finances 2016-17 (Income)

By Alex Usher. So, the 2016-2017 Financial Information of Universities and Colleges came out in July, and as usual I’ve got some highlights for you. This year, we’ll be doing this as a two-parter, one on income (today) and one on expenditure (tomorrow). For those of you looking for data on community college expenditures, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait a few months – Statscan typically doesn’t release that data until December (but rest assured I will cover it when the time comes). More...

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Affordability and Independence

By Alex Usher. There are two constructs that make it extremely difficult to talk sensibly about who should pay for higher education.  The first is “affordability” and the second is “independence”, in the sense of students’ independence from the rest of their family.  It’s worth exploring these concepts in detail to see how they complicate analysis. More...

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Canada’s Affordability Success Story

By Alex Usher. Canadians are regularly bombarded with stories about “rising tuition” and “ever-mounting student debt”, the implication always being that the middle-class is being priced out of higher education, access to education is being threatened, etc.  If these stories were true, it would indeed be worrying.  The problem is, they are mostly nonsense and fuelled by ignorance of just how much Canada’s system of student assistance has grown and changed over the past couple of decades. More...

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The State of Canadian Post-Secondary Education, 2018

By Alex Usher. Good morning.  Today sees the publication of The State of Post-Secondary Education in Canada, 2018, our first annual review of Canadian post-secondary education institutions, students, faculty, and finances.  You can download the whole thing here, you can wait for me to dribble the whole thing out in blog-sized chunks over the next couple of months only with added sarcasm, or both. More...

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Back to School 2018

By Alex Usher. Morning all.  Welcome back.  Everyone emotionally prepared for the semester?  No, me neither.
So, it’s been an eventful summer.  The Saudi spat was most unfortunate: several thousand lives disrupted and a short-term hit of about $140 million to Canadian universities and colleges (they’ll make it all up on next year’s intake). More...

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A PSE Agenda for an Ontario Conservative Government

By Alex Usher. The new Ontario Government doesn’t seem to have a lot of ideas around post-secondary education.  The only policy it has implemented to date is to give the go-ahead to plans drafted under the Liberals to get moving on a Francophone university in Toronto.  This project, as I have said before, has always been based on some deeply unrealistic assumptions, mainly that there is huge unmet demand for French-language education in southern Ontario that Glendon, Laurentian and Ottawa are too inattentive to have noticed. More...

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New web site now live

http://www.tonybates.ca/wp-content/uploads/asssociates.jpgBy . You can see that with the help of MARSWorks Ltd and Contact North, my web site now has a new design. The old one was created in 2008 and has worked extremely well for me over the last 10 years, but it was not well enough adapted for mobile technology. As well, the new design reflects more recent stylistic changes to web sites, with more graphics and less text. We have also tried to make the new design as accessible as possible. More...

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Update on the 2018 national survey of online learning

http://www.tonybates.ca/wp-content/uploads/asssociates.jpgBy . The return of questionnaires for the 2018 national survey of online learning and distance education in Canadian universities and colleges is now closed. The data tables have been run and we are now writing up the results.
We have had an even better response rate this year than in 2017, with 78% of 234 institutions responding, 182 in all, compared with 69% last year. This is despite the fact that we widened the roster this year from 203 to 234 institutions, to give more representation to francophone institutions/colleges and federally funded institutions. More...

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Making Sense of Common Sense Knowledge

Making Sense of Common Sense Knowledge
Interesting interview looking at the nature and usefulness of common sense. Leaving aside questions of consistency and reliability, common sense is essentially the ability to make decisions based on partial information. More...

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A New Website for Harper's Magazine

A New Website for Harper's Magazine
Study this one closely. The author describes the recently launched redesign of the Harper's Magazine website. In addition to being compliant XHTML and providing RSS feeds, etc., the website is semantical web enabled. What this means is that articles are cross referenced with elements from the taxonomy, which is in turn drawn from the aricles and the index. More...

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