22 octobre 2018

Athena Swan pilot at ANU (Agenda 2018)

While the focus of the SAGE pilot is on Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Medicine (STEMM) disciplines, ANU does have policies to support gender equity in the Humanities and Social Science disciplines, as well as for professional staff. More...

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Data Breach Report

The NTEU is required to provide an Annual Report to the Registered Organisations Commission (ROC) which lists the name, address and other information for all NTEU office bearers. These reports are available to be downloaded from the ROC website. More...

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Meet resistance with persistence (Agenda 2018)

Are you getting tired of expressions like ‘everyday’ sexism (or racism or homophobia) which can be explained away as ‘unconscious bias’? Even ‘persistent sexism’ has a dispassionate edge as though it is just there. Let’s call it out for what is going on – as women are gaining ground on gender equity, men with power and privilege to lose are actively resisting us. More...

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The Gender Pay Gap… and how Superannuation can help (Agenda 2018)

Talk of the gender pay gap continues (ad infinitum). It has just been announced it is the lowest in 20 years. Still, it is almost 50 years since the Conciliation and Arbitration Commission ruled on historic equal pay cases which would supposedly fix the gender pay gap.
In higher education, it’s not ‘simply’ a matter of running an equal pay case based on work value. In our sector, the pay gap is more likely caused by differences in bonuses and loadings paid to men and women in the same roles, by the prevalence of insecure employment and by career breaks which stall women’s earnings and superannuation contributions. More...

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Politics has a man problem (Agenda 2018)

In terms of women’s parliamentary representation, Australia has moved from 15th place in the world in 1999 to 50th in 2018, largely due to conservative parties losing women. More...

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NTEU women’s Charter presented to ANU VC (Agenda 2018)

Following on from the establishment of the Women’s Action Network (WAN) at the ANU on International Women’s Day this year, our NTEU survey of women at the ANU identified several issues of concern, leading to the development of the WAN Charter. More...

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Organised women can (Agenda 2018)

Under the banner ‘Organised Women Can...’ the conference participants examined challenges and opportunities facing women working in higher education, and how the Union women can effectively improve our members’ working lives. A strong focus on building networks was seen as a key factor, with participants exploring what this means in practical terms. More...

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21 octobre 2018

Announcement: New A&TSI Policy Committee following 2018 General Elections

The 2018 General Elections and extension of nominations period have both been held. We are therefore pleased to announce that the following people have been successfully elected to the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Policy Committee for the next term of office. More...

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Equal Pay Day 2018 - while we are making ground, there is still a long way to go

Equal Pay Day this year has fallen on the last day of August (31st, to be precise) and in doing so, marks 62 additional days that women need to work following the end of the financial year to earn the same pay as men. 
The good news (if there is such a thing as good news about inequity) is that the gender pay gap has fallen to a 20 year low, to 14.6% (down from 15.3%).  What this means is that  women are earning $245 less than men each week, instead of $253.70 less a week last year. More...

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Senate passes changes to HELP repayment schedule

On Tuesday 14 August the Federal Government finally managed to get its Higher Education Support Legislation Amendment (Student Loan Sustainability) Bill 2018 through the Senate. More...

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