01 novembre 2018

Admitting Those Who Don't Look Like You

HomeBy Rick Seltzer. Panel at NACAC takes on practices it identifies as reinforcing racism and white privilege in college admissions and counseling. More...

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A Wet Blanket on Idaho's Blanket Admissions

HomeBy Rick SeltzerSome have praised Idaho's 2015 move to tell all qualifying high school seniors they are admitted to public colleges, but high school counselors and college admissions officers say details have been bedeviling. More...

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Giving Rural Students 'the Short Box'

HomeBy Rick Seltzer. Alumni donors help push charitable totals to $43.6 billion in 2017.
Colleges and universities raised a total of $43.6 billion in the fiscal year ending June 30, 2017, according to results from the latest version of the annual Voluntary Support of Education survey from the Council for Aid to Education, which is being released today. The fund-raising total is up 6.3 percent from 2016 -- 3.7 percent after adjusting for inflatioColleges often go about recruiting rural students in the wrong way, admissions experts say. But they can commit to better practices if they recognize "rurality is different everywhere." More...

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Candidate to Return For-Profit Officials' Money

HomeBy Greg Toppo. A former Minnesota lawmaker who is running to be the state’s next attorney general will return $24,500 in campaign contributions he received from donors affiliated with a pair of troubled for-profit universities. More...

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What the Doctor Ordered: Medical Schools

HomeBy Greg Toppo. As midsize, nonelite private institutions look to the future, they're turning to an unlikely path: building new medical schools. More...

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Prices Level Off -- for Now

HomeBy Greg Toppo. New annual data from the College Board show that college tuition and fees have moderated since the recession, with public college prices dropping slightly this year. But they may rise again soon. More...

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Paine College on the Brink?

HomeBy Greg Toppo. The private historically black institution in Georgia says it will seek a new accreditor after a federal judge rules that a regional agency can withdraw its stamp of approval, blocking access to federal financial aid. More...

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Illinois Looks to Chicago for Research Site

HomeBy Greg Toppo. An ambitious research effort spanning much of Illinois has its eyes set on Chicago as a new "hub" that could bring together the state's largest public and private universities. More...

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Columbia U Revised Statement in Response to Tree of Life Shooting

HomeBy Emma Whitford. Columbia University revised its statement in response to the Saturday shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh that killed 11 people after an alumnus pointed out the absence of “Jews” or “anti-Semitism” in the university's statement.
The original statement, published in the Jewish Journal, included mentions of faith and identity but did not mention Jews, Judaism or anti-Semitism specifically.
“We are deeply saddened by the senseless violence at Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life Synagogue on Saturday morning. Violence in our nation’s houses of worship is an affront to the freedoms our community holds dear. We stand strongly against these efforts to create fear and terror,” the original statement read. “For some in our community, this is a particularly frightening time as we have seen a growing number of highly visible attacks directed at faith and identity -- on worshippers and people of faith as they go through their daily lives, on groups gathered to celebrate an LGBT Latin night at Pulse Nightclub, on civil rights and anti-racist protesters in the streets of Charlottesville, and in so many other places, as occurred in last Wednesday’s shooting of two African-American shoppers in Kentucky.” More...

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Another Law School Will Close

HomeBy Emma Whitford. Valparaiso Law School announced its plans to close less than a month after the Tennessee Higher Education Commission rejected its plan to transfer to a public university in that state. More...

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