16 décembre 2013

Hemispheric Pathways: Critical Makers in International Networks

HASTACGaucheHemispheric Pathways: Critical Makers in International Networks

April 24-27, 2014 Ministerio de Cultura, Lima, Peru

Submissions Deadline: 5:00 p.m. EST, November 30, 2013

Proposal Submission

The challenges facing the Western hemisphere are multidimensional  and complex.  Urban agglomeration, economic development, ecological crisis, military conflict, digital privacy, impediments to advanced learning, negotiations of multiple cultural and historical perspectives—these are problems with scientific and human factors that must be considered together.  HASTAC 2014 challenges participants to consider the interplay of science, technology, the social sciences, the humanities, and the arts in the context of addressing the urgent contingencies facing the evolving hemisphere.  Themes addressed by the conference include:

– humanities research and hemispheric grand challenges

– indigenous culture and technology

– technology and education–open learning, peer learning, and issues of access, equity for primary and/or higher education

– technology and interhemispheric communication of knowledge and publishing

– Heritage, Patrimony, Memory and the Digital

– new publics, movements going global and communities of the future

– technology and social identity and roles:  gender, race, and other identities

– digital animation and other visualization media arts and sciences

– games and gaming, including for learning

– community development including the importance of art and culture districts

– Mobile technologies and everyday life

– Improvisation, tinkering, hacking

HASTAC 2014 will be composed of keynote addresses, paper presentations (variations detailed below), hackathons, workshops, birds of a feather meet ups, as well as performances and tech demos.

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Up to 40% of new student loans may never be repaid

The Guardian homeBy . Senior official's admission prompts public accounts committee to warn of 'massive cost to the public purse'. Around 40% of new loans issued to students to pay for their degrees may never be paid back, a senior civil servant has told MPs. More...

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Higher education budget faces multibillion-pound shortfall

The Guardian homeBy Shiv Malik. George Osborne admits he will not be able to fund new policy of abolishing controls on student numbers by selling off loan book. The higher education budget is facing a multibillion-pound shortfall during the next parliament, according to official figures released in the last few days. More...

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Do You Want Feedback or Validation?

http://chronicle.com/img/photos/biz/icons/on-hiring-nameplate.gifBy Allison M. Vaillancourt. Two frustrating feedback requests in a single week have prompted me to ponder how much advice people really want when they request it. When are requests sincere, and when are they simply a guise for obtaining recognition and validation? Last week began with my receiving feedback on my feedback. Because we have a university policy that isn’t really working as it was intended, several of us agreed a revamp was in order. Read more...

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Banning Students’ Native Dialects

http://chronicle.com/img/photos/biz/icons/lingua-franca-nameplate.pngBy Geoffrey Pullum. The teaching profession in Britain, where I currently reside, has very largely heard the sociolinguistic music: The facts of linguistic diversity and language change are generally accepted, teachers acknowledge most of the elementary facts about language, and dialect differences are not viewed in the same light as hideously disfiguring skin diseases. I had begun to think there was little danger of the British teaching profession being disrupted by an outburst of race or class bias masquerading as dialect purism comparable to the awful Oakland “Ebonics” brouhaha of 1996 (see my “Language That Dare Not Speak Its Name,” Nature 386, 27 March 1997, 321-322). Read more...

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Spanglish and the Royal Academy

http://chronicle.com/img/photos/biz/icons/lingua-franca-nameplate.pngBy Ilan Stavans. Not long ago, the Real Academia Española, its matrix located in Madrid, with 21 branches throughout the Spanish-speaking world, did something at once surprising and disappointing: It approved the inclusion of the word espanglish in its official dictionary. I say it was surprising because for decades the RAE systematically disregarded the existence of this hybrid form of communication, suggesting it was just a passing phenomenon unworthy of serious academic consideration. Indeed, one of the institution’s recent directors, Victor García de la Concha (1998-2010), regularly declared Spanglish  “nonexistent,” as if by ignoring it the jazzy parlance of tens of millions of Latinos in the United States, as well as of scores of people anywhere in the Spanish-speaking world, would magically disappear. Read more...

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DARE in the Air

http://chronicle.com/img/photos/biz/icons/lingua-franca-nameplate.pngBy Allan Metcalf. A half century of field work and lexicography came to completion earlier this year with publication of the last volume of that massive work, the Dictionary of American Regional English. It encompasses six volumes of a thousand pages each, some 50,000 entries of American regional words, numerous maps and countless cross references, along with a final volume including an index by region and the complete list of responses to a nationwide survey of regional vocabulary. Read more...

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Speaking Up for the Creditless MOOC

By Matt McGarrity. Last year I agreed to teach a public-speaking MOOC on the Coursera platform. I wasn’t a MOOC advocate, but I believe that the study of speech and rhetoric benefits individuals and society as a whole. I routinely offer speech workshops for civic and professional groups around Washington State. A MOOC on public speaking would allow me to run a speech workshop on a global scale. More...

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Georgia Tech Designs Its Udacity Pilot to Avoid Failure

http://chronicle.com/img/photos/biz/icons/wired-campus-nameplate.gifBy Steve Kolowich. G.P. (Bud) Peterson, president of the Georgia Institute of Technology, is determined not to become the next casualty of a failed MOOC experiment. Mr. Peterson saw what happened at San Jose State University earlier this year: An experiment with Udacity, a company that specializes in massive open online courses, turned into an embarrassment for Mohammad H. Qayoumi, San Jose State’s president, after its first run, in the spring semester, produced underwhelming results. Read more...

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Confess Your Stress: selfies as therapy

http://chronicle.com/img/photos/biz/ubiquitouslibrarian-45.pngBy Brian Mathews. Like many libraries, we do a lot of things for students during finals. We give away food. We bring in therapy dogs and cats. We add extra tables and chairs. We’ve done mindfulness (and related) programs. We’ve done games and gaming. We’ve done bubble wrap. Our folks are always looking for new ways to help students during this challenging time. More...

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