31 décembre 2013

[MOOCs Meet PKU] Yu Jingsong: Dancing with the Trend

In the world of computer, trend never ends, varying from email to BBS to SNS. Recent, the swirl hit education, setting the new trend of MOOC (massive open online courses), an online course aimed at unlimited participation and open access via the web.
When trend sweeps, some people ignore, and some refuse.However there is always someone brave enough to dance with it. Among the dancers is Vice Professor Yu Jingsong, the Deputy Director of the Department of Language Information Engineering, School of Software and Microelectronics.This autumn, together with other 10 teachers in Beida, he had his lecture up online as the first batch of PKU MOOC courses, which marked PKU’s initiation in the MOOC game. As one of the participants of this remarkable commencement, Prof Yu received our interview in the campus on November 27. More...

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MOOCs: Over already? [Commentary]

By James Grimmelmann. The massive open online courses have so far failed to deliver on all of their over-inflated promises. In the summer of 2011, Sebastian Thrun lit a fire under colleges around the world. The Stanford professor and a colleague filmed themselves lecturing for their course on artificial intelligence and put the videos online so that anyone could join. Roughly 160,000 students from around the world took them up on the offer. And even Stanford students found the videos more compelling than going to the class itself. The runaway success of the "Stanford AI Course" touched off a wave of excitement over Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). They offer a model for delivering classes online to any person who wants to enroll, with no limit on attendance. Read more...

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We Are Creating Walmarts of Higher Education

By Timothy Pratt. As colleges feel pressure to graduate more students for less money, professors worry that the value of an education may be diminished. 
Universities in South Dakota, Nebraska, and other states have cut the number of credits students need to graduate. A proposal in Florida would let online courses forgo the usual higher-education accreditation process. A California legislator introduced a measure that would have substituted online courses for some of the brick-and-mortar kind at public universities. More...

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Aquitaine Cap Métiers

Aquitaine Cap MétiersNos missions, nos actions 
L’Association Aquitaine Cap Métiers a été créée en janvier 2009 sous l'impulsion du Conseil régional d’Aquitaine, et en partenariat avec l’Etat, les partenaires sociaux, les professionnels de l’insertion et de l’éducation.
5 grandes missions :
- Servir de lien entre tous les publics qui évoluent dans les problématiques de l’emploi et de la formation : jeunes, salariés, demandeurs d’emploi, entreprises, partenaires publics et organisations professionnelles, acteurs de l’éducation, de l’orientation…
- Etre un lieu d'information et de ressources pour toutes les personnes qui cherchent à en savoir plus sur les formations, les diplômes, les perspectives professionnelles, sur les 5 départements de l'Aquitaine... grâce , notamment, au réseau des Espaces Métiers Aquitaine, à la plateforme téléphonique CapInfo et à la base de données sur les formations continues en Aquitaine.
- Faire découvrir au plus près la réalité des métiers. Grâce à nos expositions de découverte des métiers et coups de projecteurs.
- Déployer un réseau de partenaires entre tous les professionnels de la formation. En organisant des rencontres, des événements, des conférences.
- Etre un observatoire au plus près des évolutions de l’emploi et de la formation. Aquitaine Cap Métiers apporte aux professionnels une expertise et une veille constante sur l’actualité de ces thématiques.

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New Year’s Honours revealed for higher education

http://www.timeshighereducation.co.uk/magazine/graphics/logo.pngBy David Matthews, Holly Else. A clutch of professors have been knighted while the former head of Loughborough University is among those made a dame in the New Year’s Honours. Shirley Pearce, who is being recognised for “services to higher education”, was vice-chancellor at the institution from 2006 to 2012, and since 2009 has been a board member of the Higher Education Funding Council for England. She is also the current chair of the College of Policing.
Others who have been made dames include Frances Kirwan, professor of mathematics at the University of Oxford and Pamela Shaw, professor of neurology at the University of Sheffield. More...

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NHS charges likely to hit overseas students

http://www.timeshighereducation.co.uk/magazine/graphics/logo.pngBy David Matthews. International students could be hit by new healthcare charges for migrants in the UK. Yesterday the government announced that it was extending charges, including for accident and emergency treatment, as part of a “clampdown on abuse” of the National Health Service.
Under the changes, students from outside the European Union, alongside other migrants and visitors, will face charges for minor operations carried out by a general practitioner and accident and emergency services, although “no one will be turned away in an emergency”, according to a statement from the Department of Health. More...

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An Irish degree is aligned to the needs of industry

By Aanchal Bedi. Contemporary modern cities with an unspoilt countryside, cityscapes steeped in history and a rich natural habitat, Ireland is not just a holiday destination. It is now attracting international students for the quality education it offers. Nationals from over 80 countries do not ­require a visa to study in the country.The graduate work visa  also  allows graduates to remain in Ireland after completing their studies to seek employment. More...

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Foreign universities: Much ado about nothing

By Sabria S. Jawhar. While governments around the world are eagerly finding ways to attract top universities to open branch campuses in their countries, Saudi Arabia continues to struggle to find credible institutions that will conform to our customs and traditions.
Apart from this sensitivity issue, presumably there’s an unwillingness to accept the rich benefits of a foreign university campus unless there are strings attached every step of the way.
Today, the Ministry of Higher Education is considering dozens of applications by foreign universities to open branch campuses in Saudi Arabia. More...

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Latin Americans Head to Spain for Business School

New York TimesBy Christopher F. Schuetze. After seven years of working in management in the United States, Joana Jo Fratini started making plans a couple of years ago to return home to Brazil. Like a growing number of Latin Americans over the past decade, Ms. Fratini, who already has an undergraduate economics degree from Pennsylvania State University, opted to start her re-entry by earning an M.B.A. in Spain. More...

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Higher Education Authority publishes new system for measuring third-level institutes’ performance

By Dick Ahlstrom. Ratings scheme allows for different college goals. The performance of each of Ireland’s third-level institutions can be compared in unprecedented detail with the introduction of a new performance-profiling system published today by the Higher Education Authority. While it effectively allows a form of “ranking” of Irish institutions, this is not the intent behind the system, according to the team that developed it. More...

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