26 janvier 2014

12 States Scrutinize Education Management Corp.’s Practices

http://chronicle.com/img/photos/biz/Ticker%20revised%20round%2045.gifBy Nick DeSantis. The Education Management Corporation has received inquiries from a dozen states about the company’s business practices, the for-profit-college company said on Friday in a corporate filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The office of the attorney general of Pennsylvania notified the company that it would serve as the point of contact for those inquiries, the company said. More...

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Completion Rates Aren’t the Best Way to Judge MOOCs, Researchers Say

http://chronicle.com/img/photos/biz/icons/wired-campus-nameplate.gifBy Steve Kolowich. When it comes to measuring the success of an education program, the bottom line is often the completion rate. How many students are finishing their studies and walking away with a credential?
But that is not the right way to judge massive open online courses, according to researchers at Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “Course certification rates are misleading and counterproductive indicators of the impact and potential of open online courses,” write the researchers in the first of a series of working papers on MOOCs offered by the two universities. (The Harvard papers can be found here, the MIT papers here). Read more...

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Regent U. Creates a Christian MOOC

http://chronicle.com/img/photos/biz/wiredcampus-45.pngBy Lawrence Biemiller. Regent University unveiled a Christian massive open online course platform called Luxvera on Thursday, but the initial offerings are limited to three courses asking “Who Is Jesus?” and a series of “great talks” by conservative figures connected to the university, including Pat Robertson, the university’s chancellor and the founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network. In a statement announcing MOOC platform, the university said that in the future it “plans to confer actual college credit at the university as a paid option.” It also plans to offer degree programs through the platform. More...

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California Policy Group Calls for a New State Higher-Ed Coordinating Agency

http://chronicle.com/img/photos/biz/icons/bottom-line-header.pngBy Lee Gardner. Just a day after the heads of California’s three state higher-education systems met to pledge increased cooperation, a policy group released a report saying that California needs a new higher-education coordinating body. The report, released on Thursday by California Competes, argues that the state’s complex educational needs, and its three huge and very different public systems, call for “an entity with responsibility for articulating a broad public agenda for higher education.” Read more...

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The President Should Attack Out-of-Control College Costs

The RootBy . A White House college event was an opportunity to confront college administrators about rising tuition costs.
Seeking a reprieve from Republicans, Edward Snowden and the website that couldn’t, President Obama and the first lady held a feel-good event to push the issue of expanding college opportunity. There were lots of smiles, bucket-loads of remarks on heavy policy lifts and the sense that the White House would do its best to guarantee no child—at least none of those lucky enough to graduate from high school—would be left behind. More...

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The College Degrees That Get The Most Job Offers

Susan AdamsBy Susan Adams. Nearly 70% of computer science majors had at least one job offer before they graduated from college last year, according to data gathered by the National Association for Colleges and Employers (NACE), which surveyed nearly 10,000 college seniors who were set to earn bachelor’s degrees in the spring of last year. NACE ran the survey from mid-February through the end of March. It pulled together a tally for students graduating in 17 different majors, who were looking for full-time work.
The degree with the second-greatest number of offers: economics. Some 61.5% of economics majors had at least one offer upon graduation. In third place: accounting, a major where 61.2% of students had offers before they graduated. At the other end of the spectrum, students who majored in the visual and performing arts fared the worst. Only 27.8% had employment offers prior to graduation. The next-worst: environmental studies, at 30.5% and the third-worst, education at 28.9%. More...

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College try: Opportunity knocks for low-income students

http://www.post-gazette.com/libercus/default/css/images/pg_logo.jpgWhen college costs rise, everyone is hurt. But the bigger price tag takes a particular toll on students from low-income families.
For them it means more than digging deeper to pay for higher education. It can mean opportunity lost, once and for all.
The College Board reports that the average cost of a year’s tuition, housing and meals in 2013-14 is $18,393 per student at a public college or university and $40,924 at a private institution. No wonder college students these days graduate with an average debt of $29,400. Read more...

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Liberal arts graduates earn more at career peak

http://www.universitybusiness.com/sites/all/themes/u_business/images/Cover.jpgWorkers with liberal arts bachelor’s degrees earn more at their career peak than those with professional or pre-professional undergraduate degrees, according to a new study. The report How Liberal Arts and Sciences Majors Fare in Employment was released today.
The report was published by the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) and the National Center for Higher Education Management System (NCHEMS) with support from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Spencer Foundation, and the Teagle Foundation. More information can be found online at www.aacu.org. More...

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Higher education should be getting more state money

State Treasurer John Kennedy has made some good suggestions for better allocating scarce state money.
Kennedy has proposed a plan by which state government agencies would be required to cut the money spent on consulting contracts by 10 percent.
The cuts would not be across-the-board. Instead, each department would be able to identify the contracts and expenses it could cut.
The overall effect would be a savings of more than $500 million, money that under Kennedy’s plan would be devoted to the state’s higher education. More...

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Initiative to boost college success among low-income students

http://www.universitybusiness.com/sites/all/themes/u_business/images/Cover.jpgInitiative to boost college success among low-income students through greater business involvement with high schools announced by College Summit at White House.
At the White House Summit on College Opportunity today, College Summit unveiled a new initiative that provides business with a strong, structured role in increasing the number of low-income high school students getting to and through college. Barry Salzberg, Global CEO of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (DTTL), led a delegation of business leaders representing Walmart (NYSE: WMT), AT&T (NYSE: T), Darden Restaurants (NYSE: DRI) and Mutual of America, and outlined the commitment of these companies to ScholarJob, a collaboration with College Summit that provides high school students with the pathways they need to take through high school and college to start their career. Salzberg encouraged corporate America to join the ScholarJob initiative and strengthen U.S. competitiveness and communities by developing the talent of all kids. More...

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