26 janvier 2014

Putzunternehmer soll unsauber gearbeitet haben

SPIEGEL ONLINEAls Fensterputzer hat er angefangen, mittlerweile lenkt er eine Firma mit 15.000 Angestellten: Putzpatriarch Karlheinz Götz wollte aber auch einen Doktortitel - und reichte eine wohl sehr magere Arbeit in Spanien ein. "Schamlos", urteilen Experten laut einem Zeitungsbericht.
Auf diese Arbeit hat die Wissenschafts-Community eher nicht gewartet - und wer sie dennoch gelesen hat, urteilt ziemlich harsch über das Werk mit dem Titel "Die Entwicklung des Schulwesens in der Oberpfalz und in der Freien Reichsstadt Regensburg bis 1810 sowie Salzburg bis 1816", erschienen im Jahr 2005, als Doktorarbeit eingereicht in Oviedo, Spanien. Mehr...

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Baden-Württemberg will Promotionsrecht für FHs öffnen

SPIEGEL ONLINEDas Promotionsrecht ist ein Vorrecht der Universitäten - noch. Denn ein Bundesland nach dem anderen will auch Fachhochschulen das Doktormachen erlauben. Baden-Württemberg hat dazu jetzt eine "Experimentierklausel" angekündigt. Doch es gibt Widerstand.
Erst preschte Schleswig-Holstein mit einem Vorschlag zum Promotionsrecht vor, jetzt folgen Baden-Württemberg und Hessen. Im nördlichsten Bundesland hatte die für Wissenschaft zuständige Ministerin Waltraud Wende (parteilos) erst vor wenigen Wochen angekündigt, dass künftig auch Fachhochschulen den Doktortitel verleihen dürfen sollen. Bislang ist das ein Privileg der Universitäten, eines, das sie energisch verteidigen. Mehr...

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Studienabbrecher sollen Handwerker werden

SPIEGEL ONLINEJedes Jahr brechen Tausende Deutsche ihr Studium ab - Bildungsministerin Wanka will sich jetzt um sie kümmern: In Pilotprojekten sollen die gescheiterten Akademiker Handwerksberufe lernen.
Abiturienten steuern nach der Schule oft automatisch die Hochschule an. Doch für viele stellt sich diese Entscheidung bald als falsch heraus: Fast 30 Prozent der Bachelor-Studenten beenden derzeit ihren anfangs eingeschlagenen Studienweg nicht. Um diese Abbrecher will sich Bundesbildungsministerin Johanna Wanka (CDU) jetzt verstärkt kümmern: "Wir brauchen einen engeren Kontakt zwischen Studienabbrechern sowie den Kammern und Unternehmen, damit diese schnell zueinander finden", sagte Wanka der "Welt am Sonntag". Mehr...

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Are adjunct professors the fast-food workers of the academic world?

The Guardian homeBy . Adjuncts are over-worked, underpaid and have little job security. It's an injustice, and it hurts higher education. I am what's called an adjunct. I teach four courses per semester at two different colleges, and I am paid just $24,000 a year and receive no health or pension benefits. Recently, I was profiled in the New York Times as the face of adjunct exploitation, and though I was initially happy to share my story because I care about the issue, the profile has its limits. Rather than use my situation to explain the systemic problem of academic labor, the article personalized – even romanticized – my situation as little more than the deferred dream of a struggling PhD with a penchant for poetry. More...

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… It’s How You Say It

http://chronicle.com/img/photos/biz/ubiquitouslibrarian-45.pngBy Brian Mathews. The theme of language keeps popping up in my conversations. I’ve become very conscious with how we communicate with users – not just the content, but the tone as well. A recent interaction with Google stimulated by thinking. They offered me a Glass upgrade and this was their confirmation message. More...

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Is a Picture Worth a Thousand Notes?

By Jessica Higgins. In a class this past December, after I wrote some directions on the board for students about their final examination, one young woman quickly snapped a picture of the board using her smartphone. It wasn’t the first time a student had taken a picture instead of taking notes, nor was she the only student in that class who was using this photographic note-taking method. But perhaps because she was sitting in the front row, or perhaps because her phone flashed, she drew my attention. More...

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From Weeder to Leader

By Jessica Higgins. Several years ago, I received a call from a student whose voice betrayed his sense of frustration and defeat. Despite studying for days, he had just failed the final exam in an introductory computer-programming course, along with the majority of the class. For the first time in my experience as an educator and administrator, I paused to wonder why we don’t question the failure rate in these classes. We’ve all met professors who point to a low pass rate as documentation of their ability to create a worthy college course. But in the world of continuing education—where we dedicate ourselves to healing those students who have been undermined by the pedagogy of elimination—we have a responsibility to challenge the philosophy behind a course whose primary role is to limit the number of students who pursue that field of study. More...

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How about a little humor in higher education?

http://chronicle.com/img/photos/biz/castingoutnines-45.pngBy Robert Talbert. Are you like me, and think that higher education could benefit from a sense of humor? That we’re hearing lots of dystopian stories about how bad things are but little about what people – individual people – are doing to effect positive change in their situations? If so, you might find this upcoming workshop called There’s Something Funny About Higher Education appealing. More...

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Making Things and MLA 2014

http://chronicle.com/img/photos/biz/profhacker-45.pngBy Anastasia Salter. I recently returned from an intense week at the Modern Language Association Conference. I’ve been attending MLA for a few years now and every trip feels like a very different conference, thanks to MLA’s scale and the endless supply of options. For someone early-career like me, that means that I try to find a thread in the giant tent of MLA that is most immediately useful to my work. This year, I found myself compensating for several months spent on very traditional writing by attending a number of sessions that were about making things. More...

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2014: a Year of ‘Consolidation’ in Britain

http://chronicle.com/img/photos/biz/icons/worldwise-nameplate.gifBy Nigel Thrift. For British higher education, 2014 will be a period of consolidation. Specifically, I think we will see four trends grow as budgets tighten, as the system becomes more market oriented, and as universities face more pressure to produce better education and research with less resources. These developments mean more universities will be forced to ask themselves whether they have the right scale of operations to succeed.
First, there will be much more competition around the student experience. As more and more students find themselves shopping around for the universities that offer the best value for the cost, not surprisingly they will demand more of institutions. Read more...

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