16 février 2014

See the launch events of the GUNi Report worldwide

GUNi LogoThe 5th Higher Education in the World Report: Knowledge, Engagement and Higher Education: Contributing to Social Change is attaining high interest among the higher education community worldwide. Several programmed events and conferences will serve as a framework for presenting this new material.
Guest editors: Budd Hall and Rajesh Tandon, main contributors and authors of the Report are leading these presentations in their countries. We are pleased to share here the provisional agenda that might have changes. Further information of these events will be published in our website or in the organizer’s one. We welcome any initiative to spread these presentations in other places during this year. See more...

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Book your place on the next HEA Change Masterclass

http://www.heacademy.ac.uk/css/hea2/images/hea2-header-bg-swirl.pngThe fourth in the HEA’s series of Change Masterclasses will take place online on 19 February 2014.
Focusing on models of change, the event will link theory and practice by presenting a selection of models that teams taking part in HEA change programmes have found most useful. Participants will have the opportunity to explore, adapt and apply these models to their own institutional context and goals.
Delegates who have attended previous Masterclasses have commented:
“…very well structured event using the expertise of the presenters and the delegates. Really liked the master class approach.”
“Absolutely brilliant to get different perspectives on our challenges as well as seeing the challenges that other people are experiencing. Picked up some really useful hints and tips and a couple of tricks that I will be trying.”
You can find out more about upcoming Masterclass events, and book your place, here.

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2014 Shanghai International Conference on Ubiquitous Learning

International Council for Open and Distance EducationICDE member institution Shanghai Open University is organizing an international conference on Opportunities, Challenges and Strategies in Ubiquitous Learning. The conference will be held 30-31 May and will explore themes including MOOCs, Big Data, Micro-Courses and Mobile Learning and Learning Outcome Assessment. An interesting range of keynote speakers has also been announced.
Conference website. More...

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From Education to Employment and Meaningful Work with ICTs

International Council for Open and Distance EducationThe EDEN 2014 Annual Conference will this year focus on developing human potential through workplace training supported by ICT tools as part of the solution to reduce skill shortages and mismatches. The conference will be held in Zagreb, Croatia from 10-13 June 2014, and keynote speakers have now been announced.
Conference website and registration. More...

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OER Asia Symposium: Beyond Advocacy, Research and Policy

International Council for Open and Distance EducationOER Asia is an Asian Forum to share information, views and opinion, research studies and knowledge resources in addition to guidelines and toolkits on good practices on and about Open Education Resources in the Asian Region. Based at ICDE member institution, Wawasan Open University, Malaysia, OER Asia is planning its 2nd Regional Symposium on Open Educational Resources.
The Symposium will be held 24-27 June in Penang, Malaysia. First announcement. OER Asia website. More...

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Education for All Global Monitoring Report

International Council for Open and Distance EducationDeveloped by an independent team and published by UNESCO, the Education for All Global Monitoring Report is an authoritative reference that aims to inform, influence and sustain genuine commitment towards Education for All. Now, the International Association of Universities (IAU) asks for your reactions in the form of a short comment. More...

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Open Education Week 2014

International Council for Open and Distance EducationOpen Education Week is a series of events to increase awareness of the open education movement. The third annual Open Education Week takes place from 10-15 March, both online and offline around the world. Through the events and resources, the week will demonstrate what kind of opportunities open education has created and what we have to look forward to. Participation in all events and use of all resources are free and open to everyone, and there are multiple opportunities to contribute. More...

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4th Gulf Education Conference in London

International Council for Open and Distance EducationThis event which will take place on 31 March - 1 April 2014 in London, United Kingdom aims to facilitate partnerships between international organizations, institutions, academies, schools and universities with Gulf Cooperation Council, Middle East and African academic institutions. Gulf Education embraces all countries within the MENA Region with substantial investments in education. The conference is based around a programme of expert speakers, but interactive workshops, presentations and panel discussions are all on the agenda, and there are abundant opportunities for the arrangement of one-to-one strategic private consultations and networking sessions. More...

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Funding opportunity for education start-ups

International Council for Open and Distance EducationThe Open Education Challenge, launched in partnership with the European Commission, is an invitation to all innovators to submit projects, receive mentoring and seed funding through the European Incubator for Innovation in Education, and get direct access to investors from day one. Applications are accepted from all over the world. More...

Funding opportunity for education start-ups

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New issue of Open Praxis on student support services

International Council for Open and Distance EducationThis issue features papers on the move from geographical to pedagogical student support at the Open University, UK; wellness promotion in online learning with examples from three American higher education institutions and a set of recommendations; OER in teaching and in learner support; student drop-out rates at Swinburne University of Technology in Australia; accessibility improvements for disabled students through cloud services at SUNY Empire State College, United States; course-embedded student support in ELT; and the introduction of an online student support platform at Wawasan Open University, Malaysia. More...

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