29 août 2015

Teaching how to think is just as important as teaching anything else

The ConversationBy . A new paper on teaching critical thinking skills in science has pointed out, yet again, the value of giving students experiences that go beyond simple recall or learned procedures.
It is a common lamentation that students are not taught to think, but there is usually an accompanying lack of clarity about exactly what that might mean. More...

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8 little-known video resources popular with teachers

http://people.uis.edu/rschr1/wp-content/themes/default/images/kubrickheader.jpgHigher Ed Tech News and Research ~ Ray Schroeder, editor. The use of video in education is growing by leaps and bounds. Videos are used in classrooms to support student learning, they play a critical role in flipped learning, and they also figure prominently in teacher professional development. More...

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Why millennials are ditching university, and what it means for the workplace

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Why millennials are ditching university, and what it means for the workplace
Mandy Gilbert, Financial Post, 2015/08/25

OK, this is an opinion piece in the Financial Post, which is not exactly noted for well-researched opinion pieces. But the summary in Academica captures not just the article but the trend itself really well. More...

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Cornell’s new president: It’s time to look at higher education through a different lens

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "washingtonpost"By . We in higher education have been on the defensive lately, amid persistent and legitimate concerns about the rising cost of college education, its purpose and its value. In response, we cite compelling data on the higher wages of college graduates compared to those without degrees, and we describe the intangible values of a liberal arts education that enhance an individual’s joy in life and ability to fulfill the demands of citizenship. More...

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Students bring new knowledge and fresh thinking to businesses

Montreal Gazette	HomepageBy Paul Davidson. Young people across Canada are packing up and heading off to university for the fall semester. Those of us a little older may feel a twinge of envy, as we remember our own time on leafy campuses in September. But, in fact, their experience will be quite unlike ours. More than ever before, these students will be learning by doing.
Today, more than 50 per cent of undergraduate university students across all fields of study will have a co-op, internship or service learning experience over the course of their studies. And that number is growing. More...

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Professors push back against laptops in the lecture hall

Go to the Globe and Mail homepageBy Eric Andrew-Gee. When university courses resume this September, Canadian students may find themselves learning the meaning of two new letters: HB. 
The standard pencil, for many years alien to digitized lecture halls, is coming back into fashion on campus as a growing number of professors across North America ban laptops from their classrooms. Read more...

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Can you build a global perspective in your students with only a short-term stay?

By Catherine Vertesi. You may know about the four P’s of marketing, but do you know the six P’s for successful international programmes? In Workshop 15 at the EAIE Annual Conference in Glasgow, Building global perspectives: high-impact, short-term study programmes, we will introduce you to the six P’s and show how they can help your programme transform participating students, even in just a short stay abroad. More...

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Student-centred learning: not all about teaching?

By Pusa Nastase. Students go to university to learn, but do universities still mainly exist to pass on knowledge? Priorities have shifted, on every level. In a time when competition is fierce, it seems as though reputations take precedence. Professors feel the pressure to ‘publish or perish’, institutions are concerned with ranking, and even students are after more than just a degree. More...

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A formula for academic prosperity

By Umran Inan. Generation of cutting edge knowledge is a key goal for academic institutions in this new era. This singular goal fuels a fierce competition to attract the talent that would accelerate and expand the capacity of a university in knowledge production. In this context of competition, countries such as Turkey have suffered for a long time from brain drain. More...

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Member stories: do what you love, love what you do

By EAIE. Meet an EAIE member who truly loves what she does. Pauliina Mikkonen, the new Vice-Chair of the EAIE Expert Community Network of European Summer Schools (NESS), shares her story with us. Read about her journey from trainee to programme manager and find out what aspect of her job she finds most rewarding. More...

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