21 décembre 2018

The academic leisure class: The underutilization of college resources

University Business Magazine logoNearly 120 years ago the eccentric sociologist/economist Thorstein Veblen wrote his Theory of the Leisure Class. More...

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20 décembre 2018

Fewer students are majoring in history, but we’re asking the wrong questions about why

University Business Magazine logoFrom debates over Confederate monuments to battles over America’s leadership in the world, understanding today’s contemporary challenges requires historical knowledge and historical perspective. More...

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Let's value grit over grades

University Business Magazine logoResuming a debate that has arisen occasionally in the past, some U.S. colleges have announced that they will no longer require applicants to provide standardized test scores, but instead will look to high school grade-point averages and subjective information. More...

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Higher ed administrators look for new solutions for remedial students

University Business Magazine logoThey’ve paid their tuition and maybe even moved into a dorm room, but for more than half of Nevada students, the first day of college isn’t necessarily the beginning of their higher education. The reason: They’re taking remedial classes, a high-school level springboard to actual college-level courses. More...

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Time for a truce between higher ed and the public

University Business Magazine logoAmerican higher education is the best in the world. No other country's system so flexibly prepares students from around the world to follow their dreams. No other system is so strongly rooted in academic freedom and protected from government intrusion. More...

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19 décembre 2018

IH Melbourne to open its doors in October

By Claudia Civinini. The second-largest city in Australia is getting its own International House language centre, the fifth in the country. More...

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Chinese agency VP writes bestselling book

By Amy Baker. Titled Empowering your Future, the book aims to break through the dogma of achieving high grades, to really analyse and focus on how to ensure Chinese young people will be truly successful. More...

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Poll finds that N.C. residents like the state's colleges, but think they're too expensive

University Business Magazine logoA new poll conducted for a statewide education commission finds that North Carolina residents generally value education and like the state’s colleges and universities — but think they’re too expensive. More...

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18 décembre 2018

Formerly incarcerated students unite in college programs

University Business Magazine logoImagine also being newly released from prison, unsure of your place at school or even in society, while trying to navigate class schedules, student benefits and graduation requirements. More...

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Making higher education more relevant and worthwhile

University Business Magazine logoThe American higher education system, as it exists today, runs the risk of ripping off an entire generation. That’s according to Cathy Davidson, an English professor and director of the Futures Initiative at the City University of New York, which focuses on envisioning the future of higher education. More...

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