18 mars 2019

‘Making’ Does Not Equal ‘Constructionism’

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. ‘Making’ Does Not Equal ‘Constructionism’
Peter Skillen, The Construction Zone, Jul 15, 2014
Good post with some thoughts worth remembering. In particular, constructionism occurs "when people are actively creating artifacts in the real world," like making. More...

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Help Joy help you. On the unusability of internal systems.

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Help Joy help you. On the unusability of internal systems.
Leisa Reichelt, disambiguity, Jul 25, 2014
I went through SAP training a couple of weeks ago and now I inhabit the same world Joy does - working with a software system with a paper notebook by my side (I also took extensive digital notes, which means I will have two support systems). More...

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I am a young person who solves crossword puzzles and maybe you should be one too

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. I am a young person who solves crossword puzzles and maybe you should be one too
Boone B Gorges, Teleogistic, Jul 25, 2014
It's probably not for everyone but as Boone Georges says, crossword puzzles are great for augmenting pattern recognition skills. I don't solve nearly the number he does, but I enjoy my Sunday Times crossword - I save them and solve them on flights to Montreal or Toronto (which gives me about a two-hour window). More...

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16 mars 2019

Le Conseil National d’évaluation du système scolaire (CNESCO) : Chronique d’une mort annoncée

Oeil du CESESi le projet de loi « pour une école de la confiance » (déjà adopté en première lecture le 19 février dernier) est voté en l’état, c’en est fini du CNESCO, remplacé par un Conseil de l’évaluation de l’Ecole (CEE). C’est vrai qu’en France, on aime changer les termes. Plus...

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15 mars 2019

Expertise and democracy. Coping with mistrust

France StratégieThe idea that “people have had enough of experts”, identified as the ruling elites who they no longer trust, has emerged increasingly over the past several decades. Occuring more acutely around a number of recent events, this phenomenon is often linked to the development of ‘fake news’ and more widely to the upheaval concerning hierarchies and regulators of information content in the digital world. More..

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Kindle Unlimited

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Kindle Unlimited
Maria Bustillos, The Awl, Jul 22, 2014
Normally I use the article title for my own titles, but in this case I've edited it due to the language. So consider this a language warning. That said, I agree with the tome of the article, which asserts in summary that Kindle will now be charging $10 per month for access to six hundred thousand books in its library. More...

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The Bitcoins of Learning?

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. The Bitcoins of Learning?
Unknown, Wikispaces, Jul 22, 2014
There isn't time (nor bandwidth in what has become terrible airport lounge wifi over the years) but I think that the concept of a bitcoin for learning is a really bad idea. I get the concept - students are looking for more than just grades; they want a learning 'currency' they can take with them to the workplace. More...

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My Very Own Voyant Workshop

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. My Very Own Voyant Workshop
Geoffrey Rockwell, Theoreti.ca, Jul 21, 2014
What's interesting about this item - aside from the fact that you can play with it - is that it signifies how people will be able to run their own analytics tools themselves on their own servers. Here's the item text: "a workshop on My Very Own Voyant. The workshop focused on how to run VoyantServer on your local machine. More...

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A Critique of Connectivism as a Learning Theory

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. A Critique of Connectivism as a Learning Theory
Cybergogue, M.C. Wade, Jul 20, 2014
Here are a couple of things I hadn't seen before, courtesy of this post scooped by Susan Bainbridge
into the Connectivism resource base. It's essentially an extended argument against the idea that connectivism is a learning theory, and is notable because of a long background on just what counts as a theory. More...

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Bringing It to the Masses

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Bringing It to the Masses
Colleen Flaherty, Inside Higher Ed, Jul 16, 2014
I like this more than I should, probably. But it's a great initiative and does for the sciences what I would like to do for education technology research, if only I had the time: to cut through the jargon and state what it is the research actually shows. "Publiscize has an intuitive interface that allows users to create accounts either as scient. More...

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