09 juin 2019

Working To Learn And Learning To Work, Together And Better

Techno-News BlogWhen looking to reskill or upskill workers, most companies turn first to formal training options via online courses or outsourced experts. But don’t overlook the valuable resources right under your roof. More...

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Rethinking Adaptive Learning in the Age of Cognitive Computing

Techno-News BlogThrough technologies like cognitive computing, systems can be created that can provide targeted education to each individual student. These cognitive systems would be able to know immediately when a student is falling behind and take appropriate action to make sure the student gains a full understanding of concepts being learned. More...

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How to decide if a data science degree is worth it, and choose the right program

Techno-News BlogData science is something that is not just a temporary blip, but something that is going to be needed a lot and for a long time. More...

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Qu’est-ce qu’une bonne copie au bac ?

l'emag de l'educationA quelques jours du début des épreuves écrites du baccalauréat, plusieurs enseignants en lycée livrent leurs conseils sur ce qu’est une bonne copie. Plus...

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08 juin 2019

Faut-il s’inquiéter de la forte baisse des offres d’emploi ?

C2RP Carif-Oref Hauts-de-FranceEn voulant faire l’inventaire des métiers qui recrutent dans la perspective de l’été et des jobs étudiants, on a appris que l’offre d’emploi a baissé de près de 30 % à Lille ces six derniers mois, par rapport à l’an dernier. Plus...

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Thecamp, l'ovni de la formation, a trouvé son modèle économique

C2RP Carif-Oref Hauts-de-FranceAprès une période de flottement consécutive au décès de son porteur, le campus de l'innovation a clarifié son offre et allégé son organigramme. Il a facturé 10 millions d'euros de prestations et vise 30 % de croissance. Plus...

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Une protection sociale au rabais

C2RP Carif-Oref Hauts-de-FranceLes défauts de protection en termes d'accidents du travail, de chômage et d'indemnités journalières maladie sont le principal moteur des demandes de requalification du contrat de travail des travailleurs collaboratifs. Plus...

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05 juin 2019

Identity 2.0: We Must Federate and Cooperate

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Boris Mann[Edit][Delete]: Identity 2.0: We Must Federate and Cooperate, B.Mann Consulting [Edit][Delete] February 24, 2006

A general observation I have. People who have sites or destinations - things they want people to come to - want to federate. People who are more interested in what other people have to offer, and not focused on their own site or service, want something much more open, not just a federation but a democracy, where anyone can proclaim their identity. We hear a lot from the service providers. More...

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In Defense of Walled Gardens

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Michael Feldstein[Edit][Delete]: In Defense of Walled Gardens, E-Literate [Edit][Delete] February 24, 2006

After an Orwellian opening, Michael Feldstein gets down to it in defense of walls. First, "Sometimes privacy is appropriate... If you want your students to take risks, you have to create an environment that is safe for them to do so." Fair enough, but I would observe, there is a big difference between the case where you build your own walls and lock your own doors, and where the government does it for you, whether you want it or not. And second, "faculty should have the ability to use copyrighted material legally with their classes at their discretion." Maybe, but this special case should not be allowed to define the general case (it would be equally absurd to say that because some people want to lock their front doors we ought to install locks and gates on freeway entrances). More...

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10 Brain Things...and One Reminder that People are the Curriculum!

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Christian Long[Edit][Delete]: 10 Brain Things...and One Reminder that People are the Curriculum!, think:lab [Edit][Delete] February 11, 2006

[link: 4 Hits] Eleven posts - some of which have been seen before in these pages - juxtaposed under the heading of 'brain things'. An interesting gestalt. "See the 'box' even though there are only a few line segments. Your eye does the rest. The Greeks offered constellations, night star 'stories'. And patterns are truths (again, my opinon) much as the "medium is the message" (thank you, Marshall)." No, patterns are not truth - patterns are perception, how we see the world. I am a specialist in pattern recognition, and I am aware more than most (perhaps) that when our mind leaps into some sort of recognition of what it 'sees' there remains considerable room for error. More...

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