14 juin 2019

What did dignity at work training teach me? Bullying isn't my university's problem

The GuardianA workshop on harassment and bullying shed light on my university’s superficial commitment to equality and diversity. More...

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‘My headteacher said: “Stop crying – you got into Oxford!”’

The GuardianAn estimated 12% of children in care go on to university – compared with 49% of the general population. Three who made it explain how. More...

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Want black students to feel at home? Don't ignore the little things

The GuardianThe food in halls or number of local afro hairdressers may sound trivial, but small details shape the student experience. More...

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Life Is Not A Computer Game

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Unnamed[Edit][Delete]: Life Is Not A Computer Game, Musings about Teaching High School, Social Computing and Ed. Tech. [Edit][Delete] September 20, 2006
"And now, I hope, we are more vigilant with our sons and daughters and how they use social computing technologies." So reads a website discussing the recent tragedy in Montreal. How well those of us remember December 6, 1989. The common denominator isn't rock music or comics or the internet. It's guns. Please: guns do not belong in a civilian population; you may as well release Siberian tigers to roam the downtown streets. More...

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Future of Learning in a Networked World

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Various authors[Edit][Delete]: Future of Learning in a Networked World, September 21, 2006[
So I travelled to New Zealand, explored Stewart Island, smashed my digital camera in a fall, bought a new one, got sick, struggled with internet kiosks ($2 for 15 minutes) and generally poor internet access, took the Taieri Gorge Railway at Dunedin, NZ, and am now, still very much under the weather, in Christchurch. For another hour maybe; I have a flight to Aukland in a couple of hours. Anyhow. There is a large group of us touring the country, and you can find all their blog posts and movies and photos, etc, here, on this aggregation, a classic example of how the MyGlu service is supposed to run. I have no FTP access, so I'll have to wait to clear out the diagnostic stuff. More...

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Around the Corner

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Migual Guhlin[Edit][Delete]: Around the Corner, Mousing Around [Edit][Delete] September 13, 2006
I can't even get some people (like Dave Warlick) to acknowledge the argument that file sharing might be ethical and that it might be the publishers who are the the pirates. In the mean time, the extortion continues as a grandmother sits in her sewing room and ponders why she is being threatened with a $100,000 lawsuit for buying a CD off eBay. More...

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On Commenting and Readerly Voice

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Konrad Glogowski[Edit][Delete]: On Commenting and Readerly Voice, Blog of Proximal Development [Edit][Delete] September 12, 2006
In 1980 I was sent to Austin, texas, for three months of training by Texas Instruments. After completing the self-study course (video and workbook) on MVS/JES3 operations, and the extra course I took on the JES3 Job Control Language (all fascinating stuff, believe me) I took another optional course, 'On the Way Up', on effective communication in the corporate environment. The course advocated the methodology of 'feel - want - willing' - that is, express how something makes you feel, state what you want, and show what you are willing to do in return. It was effective, and it worked (though I wasn't willing to become a worker-drone, and so TI promoted the other three trainees, who had completed one course, with a lower grade than I, because they 'fit in' better, deciding that I was too much of a loose cannon (even then!) to promote). More...

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The Geniuses

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Charles Storch[Edit][Delete]: The Geniuses, Chicago Tribune [Edit][Delete] September 15, 2006
Just for the record, I didn't receive the call. It must be because I was on the road, or something. I have long thought something like this should replace those big job creation projects. If you apply, and have a reasonable plan, you get one government grant. Sometimes you don't even have to apply, you just get it. But that's it. If you waste it, and your company folds, that's it. You don't get another grant. More...

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Gaining The Trust Of Students

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. StevenB[Edit][Delete]: Gaining The Trust Of Students, ACRLog [Edit][Delete] September 6, 2006
Authority figures - even librarians, as this article notes - are becoming less and less trusted, as people are beginning to favour "people like me." As Gerry McGovern states, "The Web gives customers the power to talk back and be heard by other customers like them. The Web strips away authority from the establishment. In fact, the Web is leading a backlash against traditional authority figures." So, how to fix this? Easy. More...

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Am I Getting This Wrong?

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Dave Warlick[Edit][Delete]: Am I Getting This Wrong?, 2 cents Worth [Edit][Delete]2 Cents Worth [Edit][Delete] September 6, 2006
Dave Warlick looks at a study found through the National Center or Education Statistics, Computer and Internet Use by Students in 2003, dated September 5, 2006, that appears to use 6 year-old data. And he asks, is he wrong to think there's something wrong with this? "How many members were there of MySpace in 2003?" (I think that would be none, Dave, and the current figure is 86 million). More...

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