30 janvier 2020

Guest Post: Teaching Home

http://www.insidehighered.com/sites/default/server_files/styles/blog_landing/public/JustVisitingLogo_white.jpg?itok=K5uvzo_-By John Warner. I had long given up on actually getting paid to do the thing I was trained to do: talk about comparative Canadian literature and culture, specifically English Canadian and French-Canadian/Québécois literature. More...

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What’s Happening in Higher Ed Media

By Steven Mintz. Reflections on the state and fate of colleges and universities. More...

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Students Wearing Shorts in Winter

By Joshua Kim. A theory.
Students at my small liberal arts college wear shorts year-round.
Not all students. But more than a few. More...

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Higher Ed Employment in a “World Without Work”

By Joshua Kim. Will robots take all the (campus) jobs. More...

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Out-of-Office Messages

By Joshua Kim. Staff, faculty and the OOO email auto-reply.
That was the out-of-office (OOO) message that I set on my work email the last time I went on vacation. More...

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The Impact of At-Scale and Mega-U Degrees

HomeBy Ray Schroeder. The landscape of online higher education is changing with the growth of mega-universities and the advent of scores of MOOC-size at-scale degree programs from prestigious universities. More...

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Are Academics ‘Wrong About Nearly Everything’?

By Joshua Kim. Will you score better than the average American on this book-inspired quiz. More...

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The Grad Abroad: A Guide to Voting Absentee

Some suggestions for grads interested in absentee voting. More...

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Poster Presentations: Tips and Tricks

Poster presentations are a staple of academic conferences. They’re a valuable way to share research visually, and it pays to know how to design one well. The good news is, we seem to be living in a time of a new poster renaissance. More...

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Considering the Alternatives

HomeBy Ray Schroeder. Alternatives to the baccalaureate have exploded, giving prospective students many lower-cost options. More...

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