17 mai 2018

Open Source Courseware -- Evaluation and Rating

Open Source Courseware -- Evaluation and Rating
This is a great resource - a listing of major open source courseware platforms, rated and evaluated (with a clear and rational set of evaluation criteria). The article also begins with a pragmatic and honest assessment of open source solutions in general, frankly admitting that they're not for everybody and clearly stating that they require a certain degree of expertise and committment to operate. More...

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Learning Objects Metadata: Implementations and Open Issues

Learning Objects Metadata: Implementations and Open Issues
There's a lot of great content in this special issue of Learning Technology. Though the articles are short, the sheer number of them - nineteen in all - makes this a longish read. Topics covered include learning object metadata, metadata repositories, and asscoiated tools and issues. More...

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14 mai 2018

All-UC Video Conference: MIT Open CourseWare Initiative

All-UC Video Conference: MIT Open CourseWare Initiative
I haven't had the chance to view this, since I'm creating this newsletter in the lobby of the Robson Square conference centre, but Fred Beshears from Berkeley thought I'd like to pass along this video recording of a conference between them at staff at the Open Courseware project at MIT. More...

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IMS Open Technical Forum

IMS Open Technical Forum
Today's newsletter is significantly early because in about ten minutes I will be getting on a plane and flying to Vancouver for the IMS Open Technical Forum. Newsletters for the rest of the week will be late as I will be on Pacific time, four hours later than usual. More...

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11 mai 2018

Open university set to meet growing demand for HE

By Francis Kokutse. Open universities are helping to increase access to higher education across Africa as it becomes more apparent that the demand for brick-and-mortar facilities cannot be met by resource-constrained governments, Pro Vice-Chancellor of Laweh Open University College, Josiah Cobbah, told University World News. More...

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08 mai 2018

More ways OER benefit students and teachers

University Business Magazine logoA year ago, I was thrilled when New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced an $8 million investment in open educational resources — freely available, high-quality materials that can be downloaded, edited, and shared. More...

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07 mai 2018

Universities, publishers agree on open-access deals

Despite some difficult negotiations, academic institutions in the Netherlands have been securing subscriptions that combine publishing and reading into one fee, with many universities pushing for scholarly journals to become open access, writes Diana Kwon for The Scientist. More...

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05 mai 2018

Aides-entreprises en open data

Screenshot-2018-5-4 Aides-entreprises fr plus de 2000 aides publiques financièresLe 04 avril, l'Institut Supérieur des Métiers (ISM) a lancé sa nouvelle plateforme d'accès libre aux données de la base Aides-entreprises : data.aides-entreprises.fr.
Tous les acteurs publics ou privés qui le souhaitent, pourront désormais réutiliser librement et facilement les données disponibles. Plus...

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02 mai 2018

Open Science: EUA warns against rushing the EU copyright reform

EUA joined a broad alliance of more than 100 organisations representing educators, academics, universities, technology companies, start-ups and scale-ups, and non-governmental organisations in a letter that voiced its concerns over the latest proposal of the Directive on copyright in the Digital Single Market by the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU. They believed that this does not qualify as a balanced compromise and potentially harms Europe’s openness, education, research, innovation and competitiveness. More...

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Open Science: EUA signs joint letter on future-proofing rules for Text and Data Mining

EUA joined an alliance of 23 organisations representing universities, technology companies, service providers, start-ups and scale-ups, open access publishers, investigative and data journalists to express its concerns that a recent draft Communication of the European Commission on artificial intelligence does not recognise the fundamental role of text and data mining in this field. More...

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