18 janvier 2015

Open Access Roundtable Targets Article Processing Charges

HomeThe many different systems of handling article processing charges (APC) -- a fee used by many open-access journals -- are "fractured and inefficient" and threatens to undermine the progress of the open-access movement, according to the summary of a roundtable hosted by the Copyright Clearance Center last October. Read more...

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17 janvier 2015

OER als offenes Tor für Lobbyismus?

By Daniel Bernsen. "Sind OER Distributionen ein Einfallstor für Interessenvertretungen bzw. Ideologien? Wer prüft das? Lehrer sind damit überfordert." Ja, es gibt ein Problem mit Lobbying in Schulen, aber das hat erstmal nichts mit OER zu tun...
Weiterlesen: https://geschichtsunterricht.wordpress.com/2015/01/15/oer-als-offenes-to. More...

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Villanysuli - Termelői piac

By Akos Tomory. Vajon indokolt-e a hurráoptimizmus, a "nagy áttörés" reménye a magyar távoktatásban? Megvan-e minden feltétel ahhoz, hogy az e-learning berobbanjon és egy-két /na jó, két-három/ év múlva elengedhetetlen kiegészítője, sőt esetenként alternatívája legyen a hagyományos oktatási formáknak? A közoktatási intézményekben természetesen sok korlátja van az e-learning, vagy legalább a vegyes, blended learning formák bevezetésének. More...

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11 janvier 2015

Open University of Tanzania spreads wings abroad

By Mosoba Mosoba. The Open University of Tanzania is reaching out to higher education institutions in neighbouring countries to establish collaborations that will encourage more international students to enrol for distance learning. Read more...

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10 janvier 2015

Finding and Remixing Openly

This Guidance document will help you to find Open Educational Resources (OER) from a variety of sources. More...

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03 janvier 2015

Doing Better With Open Access Advocacy

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Doing Better With Open Access Advocacy
Jill O'Neill, The Scholarly Kitchen, 2014/12/30
Jill O'Neill argues that Open Access advocates shouldn't casually appear to the needs of the visually impaired as an argument in favour of open access. It never bothered them before, she says - "such incompatibility hadn’t surfaced in earlier open access manifestos — Budapest, Berlin, Bethesda" — and now seems a convenient issue to use to make the point. More...

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OpenSocial and the OpenSocial Foundation: Moves to W3C

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. OpenSocial and the OpenSocial Foundation: Moves to W3C
Brian Kelly, UK Web Focus, 2015/01/01
The Open Social Foundation is moving standards work to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). There will be two groups, as described by Brian Kelly:

  • The Social Web Working Group, which is defining technical standards and APIs to facilitate access to social functionality.
  • The Social Interest Group, which is coordinating development of social use cases, and formulating a broad strategy to enable social business and federation. More...

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27 décembre 2014

Hedda literature tips: The question of Openness

By Filipa M. Ribeiro. The book Education, Science and Knowledge Capitalism – creativity and the promise of openness takes up the idea of knowledge as something that needs to be explained, rather than what does the explaining. Michael A. Peter’s book traces how diverse processes of modernisation of science and knowledge systems involved inscribing and reinscribing a complex domain of ‘the social’ upon a world of heterogeneous concepts of education. More...

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24 décembre 2014

Open Education Europa' Institutions - Université Pierre & Marie Curie (UPMC)

With 120 laboratories, 3,500 doctoral students, high-level master programs, and undergraduate degrees suited to every student profile, UPMC demonstrates every day that education supported by research activities and open to living knowledge is the only way to prepare for the jobs of tomorrow. More...

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Open Education Europa' Institutions - Unisciel

Unisciel is the Online University of Science, one of the seven Thematic Digital Universities created by the ministry of Higher Education. 
Its mission is to increase the attractiveness of scientific careers and studies for a larger number of students, to help them succeed, and contribute to the promotion of the francophone scientific education. Unisciel offers a lot of quality digital resources, with both validated content and validated educational technique
. More...

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