13 juillet 2015

Learning's blind spot

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web.Learning's blind spot
nick shackleton-jones, aconventional, 2015/05/29

This is a very nice diagram that (coincidentally) compares traditional education with what we're doing with performance support. Nick Shackleton-Jones isn't writing about LPSS but he may as well be. More...

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Decolonizing Critical Participation and Writing: A Year of Open Access Publishing on the Margins

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Decolonizing Critical Participation and Writing: A Year of Open Access Publishing on the Margins
Marlana Eck, Hybrid Pedagogy, 2015/05/29

I don't know if there is necessarily a right answer here but on one hand we have the imperative of writing and publishing about what is being taught in class, and on the other hand we have the imperative of preserving student privacy. More...

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Analyzing the Social Web

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Analyzing the Social Web
Jennifer Golbeck, 2015/05/27

Sheri Oberman sent me this link to a set of video lectures on the topic of analyzing the open web. Topics include network basics, network structure, visualization, tie strength and trust, building networks, and more. More...

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10 juillet 2015

Logiciel Libre professionnel : un nouveau rendez-vous

Logo AmueLes 18 et 19 novembre 2015 à la Plaine Saint-Denis se tiendra la 1ère  édition du Paris Open Source Summit. Ce nouvel évènement rassemble désormais l’ancien salon Solutions Linux et l'Open World Forum (OWF). Exposition de solutions Linux orientée business, village associatif, conférences et rendez-vous traditionnels de la communauté y sont toujours attendus. L’appel à contributions sur le thème « Open for Innovation » vient d’être lancé, et est ouvert jusqu'au 17 juillet prochain. Il « privilégiera les contributions qui mettent en avant des expériences d'utilisateurs et les innovations dans les domaines comme l'usine du futur, l'Internet des objets, l'eSanté, les transports, les collectivités locales, les systèmes d'information d'entreprise, la gestion de l'énergie et de l'environnement, l'agriculture, les médias et l'éducation".
En savoir + :: Le Paris Open Source Summit lance son appel à contributions

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08 juillet 2015

Obtaining independent reviews for an open textbook: what criteria to use?

http://www.tonybates.ca/wp-content/uploads/asssociates.jpgBy . One of the questions I had to ask myself as a self-publishing author of Teaching in a Digital Age was whether I needed my book to be independently reviewed before publication. If so, would the same criteria need to be used as if I was publishing commercially. More...

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Writing an online, open textbook: is it worth it?

http://www.tonybates.ca/wp-content/uploads/asssociates.jpgBy . My main reason is that there is a major paradigm shift happening in education, driven partly by a changing economy and the need for a highly skilled and knowledgeable work-force, greater diversity of students as access has increased, and of course new technologies that not only have great capacity to change the way we teach, but which are also in common use by our students. More...

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The cost of developing an open textbook: $80,000 – $130,000

http://www.tonybates.ca/wp-content/uploads/asssociates.jpgBy . Open textbooks may be free, but they are not without cost.
So what is the cost of developing an open textbook from scratch?
Answer: a minimum of $80,000, more likely around $130,000. More...

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Measuring the success of an open textbook

http://www.tonybates.ca/wp-content/uploads/asssociates.jpgBy . This is the obvious and most important measure of success: how much does an open textbook save by reducing one of the major costs of education? Here in British Columbia, the average annual cost of textbooks for BC post-secondary institutions is $1,200 per student, if they bought all the required textbooks new (which of course, many don’t). More...

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01 juillet 2015

Scientific Utopia: Improving the Openness and Reproducibility of Research

By Brian Mathews. I had hoped to do a full interview on this but that’s not going to happen: running out of time.
Short version, Brian Nosek (Center for Open Science & UVA) spoke at our Open Access Week event last year. More...

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28 juin 2015

Remove barriers to open science, says head of EU policy unit

By Matthew Reisz. Jean-Claude Burgelman also tells London conference of need to 'embed' the concept in society. More...

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