19 mars 2017

Integrating DocuSign into the Salesforce Higher Education Cloud

University Business LogoSubmitted by Stefanie Botelho. To say colleges and universities send a multitude of emails and documents is an understatement. More...

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Tenn. high schools, higher ed institutions can share electronic transcripts

University Business LogoSubmitted by Stefanie Botelho. All Tennessee high schools are now eligible to send electronic transcript data of current or recent students among all 649 high schools, Tennessee’s higher education institutions, Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation (TSAC) for Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarship eligibility, by joining the new Tennessee Electronic Transcript Exchange. More...

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18 mars 2017

#Digifest17 - All About People

http://www.insidehighered.com/sites/default/server_files/styles/large/public/student_affairs_and_technology_blog_header.jpgBy Eric Stoller. Another successful Jisc Digifest conference took place this week in Birmingham. Jisc is the organization for all things digital within the higher and further education sectors in the UK. Read more...

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4 Tropes of the Digital Pessimist

http://www.insidehighered.com/sites/default/server_files/styles/large/public/student_affairs_and_technology_blog_header.jpgBy Eric Stoller. Statements like these are quite common. Usually, they are shared in rooms filled with educators, by educators who are trying to place rhetorical roadblocks in the way of critical thinking about social media. Read more...

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17 mars 2017

The Irrational World of Mixed-Format Digital Book Pricing

By Joshua Kim. How has the combination of technology and pricing changed how you borrow and purchase books. Read more...

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Amazon's Responsibility to Share Data About Digital Books

By Joshua Kim. Digital books, digital reading, and the conflict between concentrated ownership and research. Read more...

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15 mars 2017

New Study on Computer-Mediated Remediation

HomeBy Ashley A. Smith. A new report from the Community College Research Center at Teachers College at Columbia University finds that computer-mediated developmental math benefited high school students more than those same courses when taught at Tennessee colleges. Read more...

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13 mars 2017

Data, Doctors and Digital Learning

HomeBy Doug Lederman. Years after an explosion of data changed how health care practitioners treated patients, a similar wave is poised to transform colleges' understanding of their students' learning. Read more...

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Trial and Error: Getting Faculty Buy-In

HomeBy Doug Lederman. A university strives to persuade professors that digital courses can be rigorous and highly interactive as it builds an online program from scratch. Read more...

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Trial and Error: Digital Case Studies

HomeBy Doug Lederman. To better help students apply their knowledge, instructors in a core course at Ohio State's nursing program had students collaborate to create and present their own digital case studies. Read more...

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