02 août 2017

Civil War goes digital

University Business LogoThe Columbus State University Archives earned one of the inaugural Digital Library of Georgia digitization grants that will allow online access to the Civil War era letters and documents of General Henry Benning, for whom Fort Benning was named. More...

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Harvard students partner with U.S. government to address digital skills gaps

University Business LogoRegister now for UBTech 2018, June 4-6 at the Mirage, Las Vegas. At UBTech 2018, you’ll network with a dynamic community of higher ed leaders who are shaping the future of campus technology and explore topics like cyber security, distance learning, campus learning space design, communications, personalized learning and more. More...

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01 août 2017

Visix showcases digital signage solutions for higher ed campuses at UBTech 2017

University Business LogoVisix, Inc. will exhibit in booth 104 at the UBTech 2017 Conference, June 12-14 at The Omni ChampionsGate Resort, in Orlando, Florida. The company will highlight digital signage solutions for higher education campuses, including content management software, interactive designs and digital room signs. More...

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Cengage continues to show strong digital growth

University Business LogoCengage reported strong digital growth in fiscal year 2017, reflecting the company's transformation from traditional print publisher to an education and technology company. Digital courseware activations were up 14 percent for the full year with 3.8 million students activating a digital solution. More...

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31 juillet 2017

Confronting the challenges of digitizing documents

University Business LogoThe mass digitization of literature is complex. The preservation of books, letters and other historical materials calls for advanced technology and a good deal of manpower. Universities are developing better practices around this process, as well as creating software and databases to make this content accessible and search-friendly. More...

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30 juillet 2017

Révolution digitale : Quels impacts sur la localisation des activités ? Quelles incidences pour la Méditerranée ?

IPEMED institut de prospective économique du monde méditerranéenL’Ipemed travaille depuis longtemps sur le secteur des technologies de l’information. De précédents travaux ont montré son rôle dans le développement, le potentiel du commerce électronique dans les pays du Sud et de l’Est de la Méditerranée (Psem), et l’importance du numérique pour bâtir un espace de confiance entre les deux rives de la Méditerranée. Le présent palimpsestes s’appuie sur ces travaux, et propose en outre une vision prospective de la révolution digitale.
Il devient clair, en effet, que le numérique n’est pas un secteur, mais transforme tous les secteurs d’activité, les sociétés et le pouvoir. Si c’est le cas, les incidences de cette révolution sur le développement au Sud et sur les relations euro-africaines doivent être envisagées dans cette perspective de changement radical. Plus...

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Kompetenzen für eine digitale Souveränität - Studie im Auftrag des Bundesministeriums für Wirtschaft und Energie

Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie (Link zur Homepage)Die Studie „Kompetenzen für eine digitale Souveränität“ bietet Einblicke in den jeweiligen Status quo der Anwender- und Anbieterkompetenzen in Deutschland und untersucht anhand von Entwicklungsszenarien strategische Stärken und Schwächen der deutschen und europäischen Wirtschaft im Vergleich zu anderen Wirtschaftsräumen. Die Studie endet mit einer Liste konkreter Empfehlungen, die unter anderem auf gesellschaftliche, technologische, und politisch-regulatorische Handlungsfelder eingeht. Mehr...

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How do you create a digital university?

The Guardian homeForget investing in digital learning spaces and hoping students will do the rest themselves. What they really want are staff who can share their expertise. More...

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27 juillet 2017

Australia’s digital strategy needs major readjustment

The ConversationAustralia ranks 15 out of 63 nations when it comes to digital competitiveness, according to a new report from the International Institute for Management Development (IMD). While we’re in the top 20, the result highlights serious structural flaws in our economy that will impact our future performance and living standards. More...

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Coding the curriculum: new computer science GCSE fails to make the grade

The ConversationDespite computing education in UK schools going through a massive revolution over the past few years to try and make it more relevant to our increasingly technology driven lives, the new GCSE in computer science has failed to attract much interest from students. More...

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