02 février 2020

Immigration : les premiers chiffres pour l'année 2019

Accueil - Vie PubliqueLe ministère de l'intérieur a diffusé, le 21 janvier 2020, les chiffres provisoires sur l'immigration, la demande d'asile et l'acquisition de la nationalité française en 2019. Plus...

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Five Takeaways on Migration and Development

Migration can lead to important gains for migrants, for their countries of origin and their destination. But this can only happen if migration happens under the right conditions. Destination and origin countries increasingly face common global challenges such as climate change, new technologies and long term changes in social behaviour. More...

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22 janvier 2020

L’Europe face aux images et aux mécanismes des migrations

Accueil - Vie PubliqueDepuis 2015, l’Union européenne a été confrontée à un afflux de migrants sans précédent depuis la Seconde Guerre mondiale. Quel a été l'effet des images des migrants auprès des Européens ? Que fait l'Union pour lutter contre les réseaux de passeurs ? Comment s'organisent les migrants une fois arrivés en Europe ? Eléments de réponse. Plus...

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20 janvier 2020

18 December: International Migrants Day – Inclusion through Education

UILHeraklion, our city, aims to become a learning, smart, cohesive city - a meeting place of "5+1 cultures".  That’s why we have created «The Local Strategic Plan for Lifelong Learning 2017-2020: Heraklion - a Learning City”». We intend to build a sustainable city with quality, effective structures of social support and extended networks of solidarity, along with a powerful cultural and touristic identity, a strong contribution to the local economy and entrepreneurship. More...

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15 janvier 2020

Top int’l student destinations view migrants as a “strength”

By Kerrie Kennedy. Canada, Australia and the UK have topped a list of countries where the public has a favourable opinion of immigrants and view newcomers as a “strength” rather than a burden, a survey by Pew Research Center has revealed. More...

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14 janvier 2020

Migrant students contribute to New Brunswick

By Viggo Stacey. Recent immigrants and non-permanent residents in the eastern Canadian providence of New Brunswick added around C$168m to the region’s budget, according to a study commissioned by the New Brunswick Multicultural Council. More...

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Why Now Is the Time to Talk About ‘The Immigrant Advantage’

By Joshua Kim. A cognitive defect that I suffer from, but which I don’t think has been named yet, is a bias toward reading only newly published books.
This bias is amplified by the economics of digital goods and the scary monopoly power of Amazon in digital books. More...

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08 janvier 2020

Australia: GTI migrant program welcomed by HEIs, but concerns over skills shortages remain

By Will Nott. Universities Australia has welcomed the introduction of a new government global talent program set to recruit 5,000 high-skilled migrants, saying it will support the country’s knowledge economy. However, skills shortages at various levels of experience still remain, according to the Committee for Economic Development of Australia. More...

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31 décembre 2019

La formation des migrants en difficulté linguistique en Ile-de-France

Plus de 700 000 personnes immigrées rencontrent des difficultés importantes face à l’écrit en Ile-de-France. Leur formation, enjeu pour leur insertion sociale et professionnelle, bénéficie également à la collectivité. Plus...

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13 décembre 2019

Canada immigration rejects three out of four African student applications

By Callan Quinn. In the first five months of 2019, three out of every four African students who applied for a study permit to Canada had their applications rejected by Canadian immigration officials. More...

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